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Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Friday ...

Michael and I talked while we were in the car on the way to my parents' house. 

Me:  I guess you miss seeing your friend Rachael now that Christmas program practice is over.  (at one time they had practice three times a week; some with just the two of them with the director)

Mike:  Yeah, I don't see her much any more

Me:  But it makes sense.She hangs out with the girls and you hang out with the guys, right?  *pause*   But maybe if you see her in passing,you can tell her hello and talk briefly.

Mike: Well,I did see her at Wednesday Night Wave [a children's program at their church] and wink at her from across the room.

The Surfer Angels

Then I asked him to show me what he did, and he winked at me in a cute way.  Little stinker!  :-)


Two ladies from the Veteran's Administration came to my grandparents' apartment to assess how they were doing and to offer helpful advice. I think I've told y'all before that Pop suffers from Alzheimer's disease and hasn't known who we are by name or how we are related and know him for quite some time.  He thinks I'm just that nice lady - with that "thing" on the top of my head - who comes over to clean their house most weeks.  Despite his not knowing us, he is most welcoming and cheerful always thanking us for coming by and making witty jokes.  (He hasn't lost his trademark sense of humor, thank God.)
Pop - Christmas 2010

The ladies were impressed by his drawings and one wanted to take pictures by her cell phone to share with others when they have their discussion with other healthcare professionals.  Anyway, my mom told me one lady tested Pop's ability to follow directions which he did easily enough.  "Read this piece of paper and do what it says." He read it and closed his eyes as instructed.  When asked what city, county, state, apartment complex he lived in, he didn't know.  But when told to write a sentence - any sentence he wanted - he looked at the lady for a few seconds and then with great care and clear handwriting wrote:

"I am a Christian because I love Jesus."

This disease may have robbed him of knowing his family and friends by name and relationship, but as of Friday afternoon it had been unable to rob him of knowing about his relationship with the one most dear to him, Jesus!


Lat said...

That's just awesome.He forgot his history but not his soul.mA!

And it's so sweet of you ladies to a give a helping hand on weekends.i'm so proud of you,Sus!And I'm *winking* to you from the across the globe!:D

observant observer said...

Touched....Bless his soul!

Amber said...

*flail* Michael is just so freaking cute!

*sniffle* Ah, your Pops is so sweet. It's wonderful that even though he's lost so much he hasn't lost that core of who he is.

He thinks I'm just that nice lady - with that "thing" on the top of my head

Is the 'thing' your hair? :)

Suroor said...

I'm in tears! I got really emotional reading this. Thank you so, so much for sharing this beautiful story, Susie. God bless Pop.

And little Mikey is cheeky :)

Carmen said...

Count me in the tears category. What a testimony, Susanne. That is so sweet!

Wafa' said...

He is just the most amazing Pop and you are so lucky to have him in your life :)

And Mick is so cute :)

Susanne said...

Lat, I read your comment last night and it was just so sweet how you put that second sentence. Made my heart melt a bit. :)

LOL @ your winking at me. Here's a wink back at ya, dear! ;)

Observant, thank you! :)

Amber, I appreciate your thoughtful comment! Yes, he's talking about the poof of hair on the top of my head. It infatuates him! Ha, ha ! He told my grandma she needed to wear her hair like that so Mema and I laughed as we imagined my coming to her house next time and seeing her hair pulled back into a pony tail! :-D

Suroor, your comment made me have tears! Thanks! :-P I appreciate your kind words so much!

Carmen, awww, thank you too! :)

Wafa', yes, Pop is a great guy. I'm really thankful for such an inspirational grandfather. I appreciate your kind words too! :D