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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kay Sisters

I've shared photos of my grandmother before, but I never had one of her with her sisters.  One of Mema's sisters has been put on morphine and oxygen. She was ninety last July 4th so she is plenty ready to be reunited with her loved ones.  I would love to see the heavenly reunion when Edith sees her sisters, and mama, and beloved husband (and others of course...best of all Jesus!). 

One of my mom's cousins posted this on Facebook so I saved it, and wanted to post it here.


Malik said...

Wow! They look very elegant and beautiful.
I love old pictures.

S Wibby said...

Very nice! I've recently started collecting pictures of my older relatives. :) It's great being able to look through them and see what life was like for these people I barely know, all things considered.

Susanne said...

Yes, old photos can really be interesting! Thank you both for your comments.:)