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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sleet Days

We had some snow/sleet recently.  Actually one of our local meteorologists said, "In this recent storm, we saw about 2.5" of solid sleet accumulate in the Triad. If that were all snow, it would have been about 8.5"."  And it was pretty solid because I tried putting my fingers through it to see how much we got.  After the first dusty layer, it was so very hard.  I couldn't break it.   Anyway, we played with the kids some of the time.  I'll just post some pictures from a few different days.

But first, Andrew's bucket man. He says it helps add weight to the back of his truck.  Plus, it's cute. He used old gloves and old boots.  He removed the hat before driving.

Sophie found her bubble wand, and she would dip it in the sleet and eat it.

Zach tried to find deep enough snow to make an angel.

He had a snowball fight with Poppy and Tucky.

At our house, Zach slid down the front steps.  I posted a video on Facebook of this.  He didn't even need a sled or trash can lid! 

First he had to get dressed

He also had a snowball fight with the tree.

It's too bright

And then he rested.

Andrew's dad gathered a pile of snow for Zach.  We named it Mashed Potato Mountain.

Zach liked sliding down it, and also crashing off the side.

He wanted an igloo, and asked if he could help.

I took a picture of the sky while they worked on the igloo.

Andrew decided Zach could help by going inside to see if it needed more shoveling.  Zach thought it would be like an igloo he saw on Curious George.  He said it needed an air hole, and to be higher so he could walk around in it and play.

Later we decided to walk to the park. Well, Zach rode in the wagon...

We played awhile there.

That night we had a beautiful sunset.


S Wibby said...

Aw, the little wolf hat. Or husky hat? Anyway it's cute. And looks like some fun times. :)

Susanne said...

I called her a little wolf cub, but a husky works, too! :) The kids did have fun!