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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

'Twas December

We had a great December for the most part.  Weather-wise it was weird - much warmer, quite a bit of rain some days/weeks, but, thankfully, several nice, sunny days and evenings! 

I could highlight several other things from this month, but I focused more on Christmas stuff.

First we went to see the lighted Christmas trees which Zach grew to really enjoy once he figured out how those trees could sing, blink their eyes, and such. 

Andrew and I were tickled when he asked us "which one is the girl?" because a few solo parts were definitely sung by a feminine voice.  Here is a minute of Zach's favorite part of the Hallelujah song.  He especially likes the "lu!" part towards the end. 

We also took him to visit this light display in another part of Graham.

We stopped by the lighted Christmas tree on the municipal building's lawn.

Zach posed for a few pictures, but then he was ready to play tag!

I noticed these blooms while we were there.

One evening we went up to see the synthetic ice-skating rink which was in town for about three weeks.

Since some of the family travels for Christmas day to see the other sides of the families, we celebrated with everyone who could make it on the Saturday before Christmas (the 19th).

Here are a few pictures from that day:

The ones of us in town on the 25th met for supper and to hang out for a while.  News 2 aired an Andy Griffith Christmas special which we enjoyed.

One episode made a few folks crave pickles.


Malik said...

I enjoyed reading this. From the pictures I can also tell it didn't look that cooled.
Here in Jordan this winter is also relatively warm.

Susanne said...

Yes, December was pretty warm. January decided to be colder, but ,hey, it IS winter. :) Good hearing from you!

S Wibby said...

That first display looks like a lot of fun.

Also, I know this was a pretty warm December all around and I think even here it was in the 40s. but right now it's cold and I'm envious of how warm those pictures look. :D

Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to see these updates.

Susanne said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm missing the warmer weather now, too! :)