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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Experiencing God -- chapters 10 & 11

Chapter 10 -- God Speaks to His People

I will quote from the summary the author provides at that chapter's end.

God has always been speaking to His people. Today, He speaks by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will use the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and other believers to speak to you. The method, however, is not the key to knowing God's voice. You learn to know the voice of God through an intimate love relationship that He has initiated. God may choose to speak to you in a way that is unique to you. You can be assured, though, that He will be able to convince you that you have heard a word from Him.

When God speaks to you, He will do so with a purpose. When He speaks is God's timing for you to begin adjusting your life and your thinking to Him. He will be working in you to develop your character for the assignment He has for you. Let God take all the time He needs to prepare you (pg. 96).

Chapter 11 -- God Reveals Himself, His Purpose and His Ways

From the author:

"His goal always is to reveal Himself to people to draw them into a love relationship with Himself. His ways are redemptive. He acts in such a way to reveal Himself and His love. He does not simply wait around in order to help us achieve our goals for Him! He comes to accomplish His own goals through us - and in His own way" (pg. 100).

Lesson I've learned -- The love relationship with God is important! It's the key to everything else. It's like the roots of a plant. I need strong roots - the love relationship - so I can be pleasing to God and used by Him. Instead of focusing on doing something for the Lord and trying to figure out what that is, I should focus on Him, fall in love with Him, abide in Him. Let Him accomplish what He wants to do through me.

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Joni said...

Susanne, I didn't know you were doing an Experiencing God Bible study! I loved that study. I should pull it out because I could use the reminders. :)