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Saturday, September 6, 2008

On the Lighter Side

Here are a few things I wrote to some friends. I thought I'd post them here in order to remember them.

On Tuesday my sister was asked to substitute where my mom works so I was at Michael's house all day. It was fun. I was his teacher and when I said I would leave cursive "b" for his mom to teach him later, he said with enthusiasm "Why, Susie? You're doing a great job!" He was really so sweet that day. We went out in the morning and I walked while he rode his bike beside me. He talked the whole time about various things particularly Indiana Jones. :-)

Monday night one of our church friends had us and 4 other couples over for a Labor Day gathering. We had BBQ, slaw, potato salad, shrimp, chicken, corn on the cob and corn off the cob (for those with braces...Kevin's son), garlic bread and homemade ice cream. It was great! One of the couples is a young, newly-married couple, Amy and Matt. They are about 20 or so and are English-teachers/missionaries in Pakistan. I had a great time hearing stories from them about living there. Amy was so enthusiastic about the people. I could tell she really loved them except for the men who are always staring. She even wears the hijab in order to blend in with the locals, but the men stare. I'm talking coming up to your car while it's stopped in traffic and peering in the window. :-)

Ohhhh, Gina mentioning The Dark Knight reminded me. Last Friday Michael spent the night with his friend from church so Steph and Will took advantage of the free evening and went to see TDK. On Sunday they were telling us a bit about it and Michael piped up, "I'm getting that movie when I'm 18. Dad said he would buy it for me then since it's not suitable for children." Struck me funny that Michael is anticipating owning that movie over 11 years from now when he is 18! Ha!

Also this past week I finished a book that contained short stories and recollections of life and history in Alamance County according to Mary Louise Mason who was born in 1912. It is called Mary Louise's Opus and it was edited by Corinne Bivins and Gail Nelson. I know Gail from the gym, and she gave me a copy of the book. She wrote inside "To Suzanne, my beautiful friend. I hope you enjoy this little history book. Blessings, Gail 8/08." It was an enjoyable book. Mary Louise is definitely witty! I actually laughed out loud at some of her tales! Great "light" reading for the evenings. I especially loved when her grandson went to Cherokee, NC expecting to see the Indians dressed as they are in western movies. He commented with disappointment that the Indians had become too "Americanized." Ha, ha, ha!

Today I woke up to rain and wind from Tropical Storm Hanna. She left us 4.5 inches of rain -- yippee! Last Wednesday, Fay's remnants gave us over 6 inches so we are happy about the much-needed rain! Thank You, God!

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