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Monday, November 23, 2009

On Time and Things

"But more and more I believe it's our impact on individuals that matters most. I want to use my wealth and my life for that purpose, not to add to my personal comforts. I've got too much of everything as it is. Every single thing we own actually owns us in some way or another -- they all have to be cleaned, or maintained, or fixed, or appraised, or insured, or some such thing. It all takes time and that, I've realized, is an absolute finite commodity. Wasted time can't be redeemed. And a wasted life? Well, that's a tragedy."

~ Abigail speaking to her friends about wanting to make an impact in life that includes things besides funding libraries and hospitals and women's shelters.

(pg. 254)

From A Thread of Truth by Marie Bostwick


MuSe said...

i love the idea that you don't own a thing, cuz as she said if we own things , they own us back, it's a vise versa situation. when i think of that i mostly remember the monks around the world. living your life free from all is what i want, nothing to own cuz what we need to live and be happy is all inside us .

Susanne said...

Well said. I really liked this quote because it makes so much sense. Seems like the more you own, the more uptight you get because you are so worried about keeping it looking good, safe, not stolen and so forth. The monks are a good example of simple living. So true.