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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sports Senselessness

Wow, they really take their sports seriously in Egypt!

Relations between Egypt and Algeria have been taking a serious turn for the worse in the aftermath of Algeria's World Cup playoff qualifying victory over Egypt's national football (soccer) team in Khartoum on Wednesday. Egypt has recalled its ambassador from Algiers and a wave of nationalistic fervor is gripping both countries.

Overnight, a mob of distraught Egyptian football fans attempted to attack the Algerian Embassy in Cairo, but were pushed back by security forces. Egyptian TV says that the crowd threw stones, injuring several dozen police officers and damaging cars, businesses and billboards.

The violence stemmed from this week's football game. Algeria and Egypt had to play a single-match tiebreaker at a neutral venue in Sudan because they ended the Africa zone group stage World Cup qualifying round with identical records after Saturday's match in Cairo. Algeria won the Sudan match, 1-0, securing a spot in football's premier tournament in Africa next year, while eliminating Egypt from contention.

My guess: Egypt won't win the sportsmanship award either.

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MuSe said...

now i won't wonder anymore why do wars start !

Susanne said...

Ha, ha...isn't that the truth? :-)