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Monday, January 18, 2010

Blessing Others, Sharing "Anyway" Love, Our Example

In the chapter about helping the people, the author writes: "Community doesn't come naturally when local cooperative structures are lacking. It is easy to fall into the habits of private capitalism focused on improving life for my family. ... Development must bless a community ... From the beginning, those who benefit must look outward. They are blessed to be a blessing." -- pg. 203

quoted from Daughters of Islam by Miriam Adeney

This reminds me of my preacher who often tells us "how many of you know God doesn't pass you the gravy so you can drown in it?" This is his way of saying, "We are blessed richly by God so that we, in turn, can reach out and bless others." We should not hog all the blessings for ourselves. Don't drown in them, share them!

I had this saved in my drafts since last year and believe it goes along well with this thought.

I John 4:11 says, "Dear friends, if God loved us that much we should also love each other."

"As our relationship with Christ grows, the Spirit teaches us that we are not the the final destination of God's love. Instead, we are to share His love with others. When we begin to realize this truth, our focus will shift away from ourselves, and we will desire to put His love into action.

The ministry of Jesus is a prime example of an 'others-centered' lifestyle. He spent His days meeting needs through both simple and miraculous ways. The biblical record of Christ's servant leadership should motivate us to become more dedicated to care for the hurting, lost and lonely around us."

by Jennifer Devlin -- In Touch Magazine -- May 2009

We are loved so we can love others! Pass the love around, spread the love! Neat idea in a world that needs more genuine, unconditional, "anyway" love.

Anyway love -- No matter what you do or what you forget that is important to me, I love you! Contrast this with conditional, "because" love. Because you make me feel important, because you remember my birthday with special gifts, I love you. Thank God for His "anyway" love!


Wafa' said...

amazing post Susanne, we really need more of these messages in our full of hate world. Spread Love :)

Susanne said...

Thank you, dear Wafa'! :)