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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Eds, Logos, Altars, Zacchaeus

January 3, 2010
Dressed: colorfully* & warmly since it was so stinkin' cold today!
Enjoyed: discussing life in Africa with my mom and grandmother
Squeezed: my adorable nephew - and not just once!
Annoyed: that I still can't get my brother on his cell phone
Joked: with my grandfather about my being a spy*
Wondered: if Jesus being the Logos (Word) and thus revealing the mind of God is for the benefit of our logic ... Logos and logic seem awfully close ... the things that make ya go "hmmmm"

* I had on my black "Cat in the Hat" hat, a black coat, long red scarf, royal blue gloves and my sunglasses when I left my grandparents' house today.

Notes to ponder from Wild Goose Chase ...

"Where have I gotten too comfortable as a Christ follower? ... If I let routine rule my life, I'll never get where the Wild Goose wants me to go." (pg. 44) quotes except I changed the pronouns from you and your to I and me to personalize it

Am I stuck in the rut of routine?

Remember times in the Bible when altars were built? "Altars help us remember what God doesn't want us to forget. They give us a sacred place to go back to." Do we "feel spiritually lost because we don't have any milestones that help us find our way back to God"?

"We need altars that renew our faith by reminding us of the faithfulness of God. And every once in a while, we need to go back to those sacred places to repent of our sin, renew our covenant with God, and celebrate what God has done." (pg. 48)

"Celebrate what God has done" - I like that. I need to built more altars so I can remember God's faithfulness at times when life seems out of sorts.

Mark then wonders about certain Bible characters and places where their lives were changed. I liked these a lot! Here is one favorite, "Did Zacchaeus ever take his grandchildren back to climb the sycamore tree where he caught his first glimpse of Jesus?" Wow, what a thought!


Amber said...

Do you think he was speaking of physical altars or metaphoric ones?

Suroor said...

I think metaphoric ones?

Oops, spoke out of turn :)

OK, I'm emailing you now something about Jesus being Word. I need some insight.

Amber said...


Hey, if I can do it, so can you! :)

I'm guessing you're right, that he means metaphoric altars, but I haven't read the book, so he might mean real ones. *pokes Susanne*

Yes, I was one of *those* kids on the playground.

Carmen said...

Yes, and no about literal. While I don't think he intended for us to make literal mounds of stones, I do think he intends for us to make literal momentos or reminders sometimes.

If couples can go back to the restaurant where they had their first date, why can't Christians reread their old prayer journals and relive the the victories God gave them?

I have heard a couple of really good sermons on this topic and one of them had to do with David's staff.

We all need to set up reminders of God's goodness. Whether piles of stones or something a little more practical. ;)

Susanne said...

Carmen, thanks for what you said. That's it exactly!

Another example the author gave besides Zacchaeus and the tree was Paul visiting the mile marker where Jesus met him on the road to Damascus and if Moses ever went back to that burning bush, took off his shoes and praised God for interrupting his ordinary life as a shepherd and giving him a second chance to make a difference.

So I'd say our altars could be significant places or memories. Like prayer journals, recording God's goodness on a blog or on paper and so forth. If it helps you remember God's faithfulness and celebrate His goodness, the sky's the limit. Speaking of the sky, I wonder if the rainbow is sort of an altar. Not one built by people, of course, but a reminder of God's promise to never again destroy the earth by Flood.

Anyway....thanks for all your comments. :)

Do any of you have altars such as these already?

Amber said...

My first response is yes, in the way you describe, the rainbow would be an 'altar' to remember God's covenant with Noah.

But then, I would never call it that. When I hear the word altar, I think of an actual altar. So it's a little awkward for me.

Susanne said...

The rainbow just came to mind as I was finishing up my last comment. Yeah, I don't typically think of "altar" in those terms either, Amber. I think of a pile of stones generally -- or a place in church where you can kneel and pray. :)

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