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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Books and Playing and Nephews - Oh My!

So I've been meaning to post about books. You may recall the stack that I received for Christmas.

Nine books for Christmas 2010

Then there was the Valentine's Day gift from Andrew.

Valentine's Day 2011

All books from the Christmas stack have been read.  Valentine's Day duo...I've read the book on the left only.

The last day of April was my birthday. Here are the books I received from family and friends. 

Seven books for my 2011 birthday!

Shown another way, they look like this:

Seven of those, yet they are mostly thick!  See how they compare to the nine books from Christmas.

Does it mean you are a full-fledged nerd when you do stuff like this?

And I've not finished any of those.  In fact I've been reading one book for over ten days now. It's not that it's not good. It is!

I've just been not reading as much for some reason.

Perhaps it's because of nephew distractions!

I mean how can one read when she must cuddle?

Yes, let us blame it on the boys!

And the fact that it's spring and I've been playing more ...

Swinging on May 14

and I don't do any of that reading-while-swinging stuff!

I can barely hold onto my shoes!

(all photos get much bigger if you click on them...for those who want a better view of the books or to see if those are my toes showing in that last picture...I'm not tellin'!)


sanil said...

AW. With those adorable kids around, I don't know how you get any reading done! :D

Looks like a lot of fun, though. :) See, that just means the books you have will last longer and whenever you do have the time to read, they'll be there waiting!

Amber said...

So much cuteness, I don't know how you do anything except for play with the boys! :D

What else would be at the end of your legs? *eyes Susanne* do you have flippers? Are you a mermaid?

Like sanil says, at least you know you'll have something to read when you have time!

Becky said...

Awwww your books look great, but your nephews look ADORABLE!

I'm so excited that my best friend is having a baby and I'll practically be an aunt again, maybe even more so since we live much closer and see each other much more often, and she says she'll lend me the baby for a week to cure me for my broodiness ;)

*what do you mean it's not normal I read more pregnancy books than she does? I'm being SUPPORTIVE!*

Susanne said...

Sanil, yes, that's a great way to look at it! I've banned myself from "just dropping by" the library until I get some of these read first! :)

Amber, hahaha! You didn't know I was a mermaid who lived on land? :) I have some friends who hate feet pics so I guess I was thinking of them when I wrote that. :D

Becky, I'm sure you will enjoy babysitting for your friend. It's cute that you read pregnancy books in order to be supportive. ;)

Suroor said...

You are so beautiful Susie! I just love your smile. I must say Mashallah :)

And please don't try to read when you have such adorable company. I want to hug them both. Michael is in my room with you :)

Susanne said...

Suroor, shukran, ya habibti! HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for your kind words! :)

(Google is making ME do a word verification on my own comment on my own blog and it is "phail" - ha!)

Lat said...

So many books?!,an fairy on a swing and two adorable looking angels! Just loved everything :)

You look pretty in that outfit.The skirt suits you.I'm more of a pant person :) I still have not found my kind of skirt yet! I've got lots of window shopping to do! :)

Susanne said...

Window shopping! Hahahah! Lat, you are too much! :-D

I usually wear pants, but since I was at my friend's wedding breakfast/reception, I decided to wear a skirt. The weather was cool and damp so I chose that particular one. I have other options for springier weather!

I went to a Christian school for 14 years and wore a dress/skirt nearly every school day! Now I'm the opposite and rarely wear them. :)

Thanks for your comment!