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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yearning for something more

It's uncanny how often at least one article in the InTouch magazine speaks to me each month. Often it's more than one. I have oftentimes thought God uses it to speak to my heart about certain issues. It's quite amazing how often articles in it correlate with things I'm struggling with or trying to understand better.

In the May 2011 issue, this article from Sharon Hersh was the one I dog-eared. I decided to look for it online and found it!  I'll only share this excerpt, but you can read the whole thing here if you'd like.

Take a moment to think about what your relationships would look like—especially the hard ones—if they were images hanging on the wall. Even if some evoke feelings of sadness, shame, anger, or disappointment, isn’t there something else within them as well? In and out, around, and through all of our foolish scheming, desire tugs at our hearts. We mistakenly believe this yearning is calling us to something merely external. It seems as though what we seek exists just around the corner, but when we get there, it’s gone.

Our longing for connection is so strong that even after turning the corner a thousand times, we’re compelled to hope with each new opportunity, even if in a small way, This is going to be the “one”—the experience that works, that will fulfill me.

Yet as Augustine wisely noted, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee, O Lord.” It’s humbling to realize that God designed this need to compel us toward His love. He created us with a thirst for communion with Him. But that desire often gets confused by life’s struggles and disappointments, especially when we rely solely upon others to satisfy it. Confusion, frustration, and disappointment remain constant in the midst of romances and friendships that come and go.

I don't feel I have a lot of painful past relationships that I need to work through, but I could relate to this yearning aspect and the thought that "if only I could do this, I would be satisfied."  Truly I know that's not what satisfies people, but isn't it crazy how we know this on some level yet keep hoping for more on the off chance that this one last thing, relationship or experience truly will be the key to satisfying our souls?

Does anyone else ever long for things or am I the only one?  Do you thirst for more or are you satisfied?


Lat said...

I am satisfied in some matters while yearning for some answers as well.Perhaps this is an on-going learning process.We yearn,learn and then realize whether we are satisfied or not.Or we see from the external view and rush too soon into our decisions.We are so varied that there could be several possible outcomes.Like this,

"He created us with a thirst for communion with Him. But that desire often gets confused by life’s struggles and disappointments, especially when we rely solely upon others to satisfy it."

Yes the yearning can only make sense when it comes from within you,not thru' someone else or something.

Amber said...

*looks at you* Have you met me? I am very rarely satisfied. I'm always looking for the next thing to keep me entertained in life. I suppose I could be called satisfied in that I like my life, I don't feel that it is unfulfilled or anything like that. But I'm not satisfied mentally, I guess. There's so much to know, how could I ever be satisfied?

Sarah said...

I feel satisfied sometimes, but it never lasts! :D I was thinking about this recently when mulling over Buddhist ideas. I don't think I want all yearning/craving to cease, because I wouldn't have any drive or motivation to achieve anything otherwise. I think a certain amount of it is healthy. It's all about balance I guess.

Susanne said...

Lat, me too! I think some yearning is good! :)

Susanne said...

Sarah, yes, balance is good! I like having that desire to learn more; otherwise we get complacent and start 'shrinking.' :)

Susanne said...

Amber, oh, I get you! The more I read, the more I despair that I know so very little and don't have time to learn it all! :D