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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's not exactly "Talk Like a Pirate Day," but ...

seeing how Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has just come out, I thought it apropos for us to come out too! Presenting ...

Pirates of the Carolinas 

Michael (a few years back) looking rather convincing!

Errr, what are the odds that I have that exact same shirt on right now?

Sadly, there are only 3 of us cute Carolina pirates, however 

Even little Zach has the pirate thing going on with his pacifier

we thought that was more than enough.


Pirate joke/trivia I saw when Michael was watching iCarly one day at my parents' house:  A guy was saying pirates say "Arrrr" as a word with many meanings, like "shalom": used for "hello," "goodbye," and "peace."  So arrrr to you all!  Have a wonderful day!


Amber said...

LOL. Um. Should I refer to you as *Captain* Susanne from now on?

Susanne said...

Well, you know i did claim Captain Awesome on your blog a while back, but, eh, I'm not really into titles so Susanne is fine. :)

Lat said...

Am to you too! Both of you look so cute in the getup! Loved it! :D That must be so much fun!

Becky said...

Haha I love your outfit! And I must admit, I have always had a bit of a (okay a huge!) crush on Johnny Depp... or should I say, Captain Jack Sparrow!