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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Milestones

So this month marks a couple of milestones I wanted to mention briefly. First of all, ten years have passed since we moved to this house!  My how they've flown. Sunday morning I took my camera and shot these Scenes from Home.  I can't get enough of God's creation sometimes.  They are like beautiful surprises He hides along the way for me to discover! 

Secondly, a year ago this month I was well on my way to reading through an English translation of the Quran for the first time.  I even posted notes about it as you likely know already. 

I've successful resisted the pull of the local library.  We all know how those books jump off shelves into my arms and I can hardly go there without bringing home a stack.  Recognizing this problem, I decided to exercise some willpower and avoid the library completely so I can read through my stacks of books.  I tend to focus on library books when I have them since they must be returned within 3 weeks.  So these have been neglected until now!

Since making this No Library Declaration, I have read three of the books received since Valentine's Day. And two of them had around 400 pages so ...  *pats myself on the back*  ;)

This morning I started another big book that has captured my attention within the first 15 pages! It's Journey into America which a friend so kindly sent for my birthday!  Akbar Ahmed travels through America with his team of mostly Americans (some nonMuslims) to discover attitudes towards Muslims and experiences of Muslims.  I remember seeing this in a bookstore and thinking how I'd like this kind of book.  Hopefully there will be lots of interesting things to note.  Already I was reminded that an Arab/Muslim country - Morocco - was the first country to recognize the United States' declaration of independence in 1777!

In keeping with the Word theme which has seemed to permeate my life this month (thanks to God or simply patterns my brain is hardwired to notice..take your pick), I read this this morning and wanted to jot it down. 

The Word made flesh. It's the key to the entirety of our faith. While some would assume that, like many other religions, our belief is centered on a holy book, the Bible itself speaks otherwise. Rather than a long litany of divine commands, we recognize the Old Testament as an elaborate, intricate buildup to - and the New Testament as a celebration of - the person of Jesus Christ.  Taken as a whole, the written words point to the Word.

pg. 25 "The Word Is Alive" by Erin Gieschen, In Touch; June 2011

There is a fascinating illustration of this given in the article that I might share later.

Hope all is well with you!  Does May mark any milestones for you?  Got anything you want to share? Any interesting books you are reading or have recently read? Was anyone raptured besides Amber?


Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Your books sound really interesting! And boy do I know the dangers of the library... I think I have 5-6 books home from the library right now... I have put my waiting list on hold for a week to try and catch up!

10 years in one place huh... that's a long time! The longest I've lived in one place is 4 years :P

Well, I guess the only big mile stone May marks for me right now, is finishing my bachelor project :) That was pretty big, and tough to get through! But I made it :D

Susanne said...

Yes!! Ten years! I can hardly believe it! :) Oh,I'm glad you can relate to my library tales...hehehe. I love that you also enjoy reading. So many people don't. BTW, I don't always comment on every post on your blog, but I really enjoy it. The Link Love feature often has me clicking away reading stuff that you recommend. :)

Happy you made it through your project! Thanks for your comment.

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Haha I'll continue to do the link loves then, I was thinking no one read them :P but it's just, there's so many good links out there, even if no one reads them I MUST share!

Yes, I know what you mean, people usually look at me like I'm crazy when they realize how much I read.

Susanne said...

Yep, I read through them. Sometimes I find good stuff to share on FB from them. No pressure to do them of course, but just know that I do enjoy those if you find you want to share! :)