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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caleb, Dreams & Relationships

Just when I really try to dismiss nonsensical thoughts that pop into my mind as unrealistic dreams that'd I'd best be getting over if I want to find any sort of contentment in the here and now, I get some little gem in the mail that makes me wonder all over again. It's not the first time God has used Dr. Charles Stanley's monthly InTouch publication to speak directly to some aspect of my life. It's kinda weird, but I like it! This month's topic is Caleb and "staying young and fruitful all your life."

From the article ...

"Far too many people are afraid to dream big dreams, but what they don't realize is this: they cannot dream anything that is too big for God. God gave Caleb a dream and placed it within his heart. How he responded was his choice. Would he remain focused and motivated or let his heart become burdened by the cares of his life?"

Recall Caleb had to watch a whole generation of Israelites die before he could enter the Promised Land. That's a whole lot of years for dreams to die and discouragement to set in the ol' mind!

In the "a word from Charles F. Stanley" section, the title is "Living to the Limit: Realigning Our Dreams With His."

And get this!

People want to know how to gain greater fulfillment. (I just want to know my purpose in life!) The answer is found through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. (Yeah?) Genuine contentment is not a matter of abandoning dreams and hopes; rather, it involves refocusing so that all we do and desire begins and ends with Jesus.

When we commit ourselves to the Lord in this way, life becomes very full. Dreams and goals have more meaning when we ask Him to place them within the context of His specific will and purpose for our life.

God wants us to yearn for His fellowship more than the temporal things of this world. If you commit to seek His will and trust Him to give you the desires of your heart, you'll step into the rich purpose for which you were created.

Love that! Yearning for His fellowship ... wow. Honestly, that is hard for me oftentimes. I mean, I want that, but it's hard to sit still before God and listen for His instructions. (I am too impatient and want answers after only 5 minutes of sitting there...okay, maybe 3 minutes.) That's why I told Andrew recently I wish God would just send me something in the mail so I'd know clearly what His plans were for me.

But maybe He doesn't often make it that easy because He wants me to spend time with Him, getting to know His heart, His desires, His love for people and His plans for this world. Maybe I should think about this time differently somehow. In this world of doing, it's hard to sit still without guilty thoughts of "I really need to stop wasting time and do something." But is it a waste - ever - to spend time with God?

I remember a man came to our church last year and the only thing I remember from his sermon is this quote: waste time on relationships.

I adore that. I think he was saying in reality that it is not a waste of time to develop relationships with others. Relationships are the most important things in this world, not all the material possessions and positions of power and fame that we strive for.


Carmen said...

"That's why I told Andrew recently I wish God would just send me something in the mail so I'd know clearly what His plans were for me."

I love you, Susanne.

Carmen said...

Susanne, do you know why my picture and link back to my blog don't show up when I comment on other blogs? I've checked the settings I know to check and can't find the magic to make it work. lol

Carmen said...

Nevermind. Found the trick. ;)

Nocturnal Queen said...

True. :-)

Sarah the Seeker said...

I just gave you an award/tag at my blog!

Amber said...

I know this isn't the point of the post or article, but,

I think Caleb spen a *lot* time with Joshua training the army they were raising. He was a busy boy.