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Friday, March 13, 2009

Damascus -- Outing with "the Jakes"

So we'd be walking in Old Damascus overwhelmed and enjoying all these shops -- spices, nuts, scarves, beans, candy -- and people, never knowing what other great treasures were nearby. Like this door just off the beaten path. And you'd never know inside this door was a fantastic place to eat!

So what could be behind this door?
(besides Jake's family since I took this as we were all leaving)

TA DA!!!

THIS beautiful restaurant! Wow!
We ate on the second floor.

(When I clicked this picture & saw it big just now, I laughed. Try it and see if you see the two guys in blue. It seems they are watching me photograph the place. :-))

Here is a view from the top. I really loved this place.
It was so beautiful.

This sweet family was so kind to take us there. Siblings Ahmad, Rusha & Mohammed. We affectionately dubbed them "the Jake family." These are our sweet Palestinian friends. Ahmad studied engineering with Samer in college, Rusha is a dentist & Mohammed is studying neurology! Yes, we hung out with educated folks in Damascus!

Not only was the restaurant charming, but the food was delicious! Here are french fries (of course!), parsley salad (surprisingly good) & hummus. Someone is demonstrating how to dip pita bread in it.
(Thank you.)

Here is a picture of the best pita bread, pickles to the right (not my favorite, but I'm never a pickle person), above the pita bread is babaganoush (YUM!!!). I was kind of surprised, but I *really* loved that stuff every time I had it. In fact, I would like some now & I never eat at quarter 'til eleven at night ... unless I'm in Syria!

Caught Samer and Jake enjoying the food.
LOOK at this spread!

This meat dish included shish tawook (chicken) & Turkish lamb kebabs ... really tasty! Looks like maybe chickpeas there on the right. I had so many food options, I can't remember if I ate any of those.

One more look at our food.

The Jake family was so thoughtful and sweet to take us here.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 6, 2009


Nocturnal Queen said...

Looks like a neat place to eat. :-)

Joni said...

Wow, what a fantastic looking place! And the food looks delicious. I am hungry...

Yaser said...

well, i am glad u spent a nice time there in Syria, and u liked the food that much,
yeah, me too, i zoomed at the pic, and saw the two guys in blue..heheeh
this place at Old Damascus, is always an amazing one, that takes u back to long wonderful times ago .

hope u will be back there soon

Susanne said...

Thanks, Yaser! I really hope to go back one day. I miss it so much! And yeah the food was amazing! :D