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Monday, March 30, 2009

Damascus -- The Souq

A short walk from the hostel took us to this covered souq where we enjoyed seeing some of the products offered in Old Damascus. It was also a wonderful place to experience the people as they did their shopping. It was here that we ran into Samer's sister and her friend one day (picture) and also where we ate ice cream at Bakdash's famous shop.

It appears as though one is walking in an outside mall, when, in reality, it's "covered outdoors." That is not the blackness of night, but the darkness of a covered path.

Some of the many shops located at the souq

Here we are entering the shopping area and find what we were looking for. Something to identify us with the locals. Andrew tried it on first, but his head was too big for the band holding on the scarf. (LOL...I just noticed the woman laughing on the left side of this picture.)

I tried it on and ended up buying it. I wore it the rest of our shopping trip and one group of guys sitting in a store watching people go by said something to me about Palestinians since this kuffiyeh is one way of identifying with those oppressed people.

In the shops you would find a variety of nuts

and spices

for all your baking needs.

Andrew bought some candy and Chinese nuts at a place like this.

There were many many more shops such as these and others that sold jewelry, dried beans, souvenirs, toys, clothes and so forth. Additionally, there were places to buy delicious Arab-style fast foods. We also visited a hammam located in this area.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January/February 2009

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