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Friday, March 6, 2009

Damascus -- Anas Restaurant

On one of our last nights in Damascus, we decided chicken shawarma pizza sounded good. We like pizza here in the States, and we had enjoyed the chicken shawarma we'd been introduced to during our stay. So why not try this dish that combines both? We took a taxi to this place. The taxi driver was so kind. He said we looked like fun, wished he'd been able to take a day off work to hang out with us and then refused to take payment from us when we arrived here!! Why? Um, 'cause we're Americans and we looked friendly? Yeah, precious, isn't it?

So this place was the last restaurant we visited.

It was a wonderful place to visit. I actually took this photo when we left and it seems some of the workers are watching me photograph this establishment. I'd just taken this picture (below) so . . .

This is how they cook the shawarma. I believe it cooks from the outside, and then they shave off the outer layer in thin slices.

Andrew and I were looking forward to trying this dish.
See our grins?

And here it is! The chicken shawarma is on the pizza and covered with cheese. Quite tasty. A plate of mayonnaise and various vegetables were brought out as well. Some people like dipping their pizza and fries in mayo.

The owner wanted us to try his fries and, seriously, they were among THE BEST I'd ever had! Hot and seasoned just right...yum.

Samer enjoyed the meal with us.

And Mohammed joined us after a while.
What a great night of good food and fellowship!

Pictures taken February 9, 2009
Damascus, Syria

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