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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Michael @ McDonald's Today

THIS goofy little guy, my nephew Michael, made me laugh today. I took him to McDonald's and he informed me that he found out his dad watched Sponge Bob (wow, he has a Wikipedia page!) on the computer without him last night! Who knew Will would sneak in an episode of a cartoon while Michael was in la-la land? That Will! Maybe he created the Wiki page...hmmm.

Also we were watching the NCAA tournament game with Louisiana State vs. Butler. Our McDonald's recently was remodeled and now has a large-screen TV. So, anyway, we were watching the last bit of the game ("19.4 seconds and we'll go, OK, Michael?") and Michael decided he was going for LSU. Maybe that name sounded cooler than Butler. So when the game finally ended about 8 minutes later -- who's counting? -- Michael was happy "his" team won. Of course Victor (the manager) was pulling for "the Butlers." I just laughed when Mike said that because an image of these kind of guys came to mind. I could imagine a whole basketball team full of stodgy-looking older gentlemen with British accents.....

Anyway... it amused me.

Maybe I need to get out more.

I am going to bed now. Unless I get interested in the Duke basketball game that Andrew is watching. It's March Madness!! The only time I really watch much basketball these days. Back in high school, I'd watch it a LOT.

Oh, this picture of Michael was at his birthday party. He wanted fried chicken.

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