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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stuff on my mind lately

I started to write this post in red or blue, but then remembered it was St. Patrick's Day. Did you get pinched? I was curious this morning how beef got "corned" and found a plausible answer at Wikipedia. I can't recall that I've ever eaten it. Pickled beef just doesn't sound appealing to me.

Just some random things I've heard or read or thought or experienced lately . . .

I was working on this list prior to taking an afternoon walk. Finally we saw the sun after 4 days of gray skies and rain. So I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I've done this literally thousands of times in the 8 years we've lived here. Today I got bit by my neighbor's doberman, Apollo. Kelly had just said, "Don't worry...he won't bite" as the dog ran towards me. I stopped, was calm, waited for Apollo to return to Kelly ... which he did. However first he bit me! Kelly and I were stunned. Anyway, I am fine. Just punctured, bruised and cut on the back of my leg in the area above my knee. I met 3 new neighbors. I'd never talked to Kelly or the Michigan couple (Nick and Jamie) who live beside her except for exchanging hellos as I've walked. But I met them today. Nice folks. Nick and Jamie have a dog named Phoebe.

On to my list of stuff now . . .

I finished "The Kommandant's Girl" this morning! Enjoyed it a lot. I'll talk more about it when I post my March list of books read. Only that one so far, but there are still 2 weeks to go. (This year is going by fast!)

I heard that Obama was going to be on Jay Leno's show this Thursday.

KLOVE reported that researchers were studying hippos sweat in regards to new sunscreen. Apparently hippos have "secretions" (the announcer said he hated that word...I agree) that cause them to tolerate and do fine in the sun. However, said secretions are red and smelly. They make it appear hippos are bleeding sometimes...hmmm. Didn't know that.

Oh, I just saw this story about the one-world currency idea emerging once again. It is "considered as solution to global economic recession."

How do you pronounce "Lincoln"? Do you say the second l?

Granted I haven't read both sides of the story and my opinion is shaped much by the headlines (hype?) I've read in the media so maybe I am mistaken having these thoughts. However, it seems wrong for the AIG folks to get big bonuses with taxpayer money. Or maybe they are not huge bonuses and the media and politicians just want us to believe it's an outlandish case of the rich getting richer -- on the taxpayer dole? Well, of course, I am opposed to THAT! I don't mind if companies earn their own money and give it out to their executives and employees. They earned it. It's theirs. However, when you take government ... scratch that...taxpayer money...yes, strings ARE attached.

The Irish PM or President or some such leader was in the US today meeting with President Obama. I understand this guy said the US would lead the way out of the global recession. I guess since we are blamed by many for putting the world into this recession, it would be nice of us to clean up our big ol' mess.

I was listening to a CD of one of my preacher's messages and heard him say "wheelbarrow." I wonder if everyone pronounces it like Brian does. I say it like he does -- wheel bear uh.

Today I bought ice cream for the first time this year! It was Walgreen's brand cookies and cream. I think I was hungry when I went to Walgreens because I got other food items there.

Like Sweet Tart jellybeans. Andrew loves those. He used to like Starburst jellybeans best until he had the Sweet Tart ones a couple years ago. Got some of those.

And also some Peanut Butter M&Ms. They were on sale, plus I had a coupon so I got 2 bags for $3!

Andrew accuses me of squirreling things away. OK....that's been a trait of mine since before I met Andrew, but he teases me about it. So, yes, I hid the candy I bought today. I think I am part squirrel. Maybe that's why Apollo decided to sample me today. I still can't believe I got bit by a dog! And now I'm on two antibiotics for it.

Guess the Prophet Muhammad (?) had something right when he said dogs' mouths were germy. The guy who prescribed the meds said it would take 2 to cover all the possible "bugs" dogs could have. If I could take penicillin-based meds, I could have taken only 1. I guess those are stronger or have allllllll the possible-bugs-from-dogs combinations included in one tablet. At least the meds weren't too expensive. One was $4 and the other around $31 ... both generics.

Ha, ha.....so this leads me to the spiritual side of things written down on my list. That'd be JOY which I hope to share more about later. And also this gem from my pastor on the CD I heard today:

God is more interested in your faith than your comfort. (Shoot!)

And I guess I should add, "In everything (even dog bites) give thanks (why?) for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

I am thankful that I had an opportunity to meet my neighbors and respond in a gracious way. I am trying to look on the bright side. :-)

I have more things on my list, but this is enough for now.


Joni said...

Susie, pickled beef doesn't taste like pickles. It's just a way of preparing the meat. I read about corned beef just the other day too. :) Nevertheless, I think I remember that you don't care for pickled anything. So the dog bit you on the back of the knee?? did you get any cuts or bruising on the front too? I wonder what made him do that???

I didn't know that about Hippos either. I say "link-en".

As for AIG, I have a hard time with that as well. I mean, how do they have money to give out if then need my money for a bailout? When I was thinking about bonuses though and how *I* would feel if my husband met all of his work goals and earned his bonus and then had to forfeit because of someone else's mistakes. I'd be furious. But from my view outside the company, I have a hard time knowing that some 500 people will get more than a million each... it doesn't sit well. :-\

I say wheel-barr-ow because it doens't end with an a. ;) Bwahahahaha about you squirrling things away! Yes, I know you do that and I've never even met you in person! But it's pretty rich coming from the guy who buries his money in jars in the yard. ;)

"God is more interested in your faith than your comfort. (Shoot!)" Dang!

Joni said...

Oh, and I miss you posting this stuff at SAM!

Susanne said...

Joni, I enjoy your comments. Thanks so much. I wonder if you ever come back to see if I reply to you? Probably you see that you can have replies e-mailed to you ... you are computer-savvy afterall! :-)

Yes, I didn't think corned beef tasted like pickles. Ha, ha. I just figured something pickled, was soaked in vinegar. Perhaps it's good and I'm just missing out. :-) I hope you all enjoyed it yesterday.

I got bit on the back of the leg on the left side of my right leg. Okay, just found a picture. It seems it's in the hamstring area -- right where it's pointing to "Semimembranosus" in this picture.


Andrew laughed last night that I got pinched (bit)by a doberman PINSCHER on St. Patty's Day. I was wearing blue pants and a pink shirt. I should have worn green, right? :-)

No cut on the front, thankfully.

I say "link en" like you. Someone told me in Arabic they say the second l and it make me grin trying to say it that way. :-)

Thanks for what you shared about AIG. Yes, I actually can feel bad for the people who earned that money as you stated. Hmmm, still it somehow seems wrong for ME and YOU and other taxpayers to have to give them that reward. Especially when so many others have done good jobs and LOST their jobs!!

You knew I squirreled things? Really????? How did you know? Maybe I've shared that before. ;-)

Shoot and Dang -- ha, ha! Yes, that is a difficult thought.

Good hearing from you as always. I'd been missing your posts the last few days at SAM, but I *think* you are finally back! Yippee! :-)

Joni said...

actually it doesn't notify me if you respond and I don't always remember to come back and look for your replies. :-\

Nocturnal Queen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed "The Kommandant's Girl". :-)

Yeah, "secretions" is kind of a gross word.

Lincoln - linken.

Wheelbarrow - wheel-bare-oh. Something like that. lol