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Friday, March 27, 2009

Damascus -- The Grocery Store

So the other day I wrote about our visit to the Cham City Center and ended the post with a picture of cereal. From this aisle.

Yes, the mall in Damascus has a very clean, well-stocked grocery store. I don't recall any malls that I've been in with stores like this. We had fun showing Samer and Barea foods that were familiar to us. There were quite a few on this aisle. Samer told me they don't eat much cereal. Also I recall showing them taco kits, boxed brownies and pasta, I think.

Of course Del Monte was a familiar brand.

Barea, Andrew & Samer

I took this picture because Michael likes Spiderman.

The guys checking out all the refrigerated stuff

like all these different sorts of cheese

and all these fish

and even this octopus

I wonder what the guys are discussing.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 1, 2009


Joni said...

Did they have milk in the refrigerated section or not? At the grocery store in the Philippines the milk was sealed in containers that didn't have to be refrigerated to maintain freshness before opening. Weird, huh?

Susanne said...

I forgot to look for milk and didn't notice it except for at the hostel. I saw the same kind you mentioned. It was in a sealed carton OUTSIDE the refrigerator. I specifically remember because I asked Samer why it was not in the fridge. I didn't drink any milk the whole time I was gone. Two weeks.