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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I mentioned my 14-year-old nephew at the end of my last post. His DNA results were the only family members' DNA still not reported. Well, those came in finally so I will post them along with pictures I found on my computer - or I downloaded this morning off Facebook.  Enjoy seeing my sweetie - and some of his family!

Me and Michael

Checking out Uncle Daniel

my brother, Michael's Uncle Daniel

First Halloween - 8 months old

Michael's mom, my sister

Ninja Mike

Bagel and Michael

Michael with his dad and dog

Will''s brother Juan visited the family from Venezuela five years ago

Tia Mari

He wanted to sleep on the balcony at the beach
The best cousin picture I could get - 2015

at Myrtle Beach with us in August 2016

With the prop Will made for VBS at their church

My nephew is the one with the horse head

Michael at church camp 2016

DNA Results

Africa 3%
Trace Regions 3%
Africa North 3%

America 14%
Native American 14%

Europe 77%
Iberian Peninsula 35%
Europe West 24%
Italy/Greece 8%
Great Britain 6%

Trace Regions 4%
Ireland 4%
West Asia 6%

Trace Regions  6% 
Caucasus 4%
Middle East 2%