"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

Some Favorite Posts

In May 2010 I started reading an English translation of the Quran. Instead of reading commentary, I put notes on my blog and enjoyed the lessons friendly Muslim readers (and others) shared.  If you want to read my first Quran notes post, please start here.  You can then keep clicking "newer post" to find the additional notes. It took me about 6 weeks to complete my notes.  Some friends asked me my impressions of the Quran and also to summarize the five main points of both the Bible and Quran.  That's what I tried to do in Quran -- Some Final Thoughts and Comparisons.

Along the way I wrote Why I Like the Apostle Paul and since many Muslims believe all prophets were sinless, I wrote my own version Oh, Those Sinful Prophets of God!

And just last month (September 2010), I read No God but God by Iranian-American Reza Aslan and posted notes for each of the ten chapters.  I greatly enjoyed the discussion provided by those who left feedback on his thoughts or my thoughts on his thoughts.  The first in that series is Thoughts on Muhammad & Stuff.  I learned about the Shi'ite view of the "rightly-guided ones" along with thoughts on jihad and colonialism's influence on Islam among other things.

The final post in that series What Irritated Me About Aslan's Statement generated some interesting comments.

Syria holds a dear place in my heart. Read about it and see pictures of our 2009 visit by clicking here.  

Updated October 2, 2010