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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October Books

The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti -- Zoe has been keeping her past hidden as she hides in plain sight in New York City.  Her husband Henry discovered her at charity event and "rescued" her from a life of poverty and gave her a lavish lifestyle. A somewhat suspenseful book; I enjoyed it.

On Wings of the Morning by Marie Bostwick -- The stories of Georgia and her learning to fly with the WASP during World War II, and Morgan as he left his small Oklahoma town to fly in the Pacific.

How Do I Love Thee? by Nancy Moser -- this is "a Novel of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poetic Romance" ; not the most exciting book, but OK. Boy, her father was a piece of work! 

Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Graynor and Heather Webb -- an OK story about Ellie and Tom as Tom goes off to fight for England during World War I, and Ellie writes him.  Nearly the whole book is letters from these two to each other, and a few more.  It was a somewhat interesting way to learn more about this war; if not overly-exciting.

The Dive From Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer -- found this at a free little library; not my favorite, but OK. I didn't really like the main character all that much.  Carrie Bell is already bored of her fiancĂ© so he shows of by diving from Clausen's pier. No big deal usually, but this year was lacking rain and they had done something to the lake - and Mike breaks something and can no longer walk. What does Carrie do? If you want to know, read the book.

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin -- I enjoyed this glimpse of Queen Victoria in the early years of her reign.  I wouldn't mind reading others that tell more of her story. 

Hurricane by Karen Harper -- Julie and Zach's children go missing after Thad took Randi out on a Jet Ski.  The worried parents go looking for their teens all while the rest of this area of Florida is boarding up and evacuating because of Hurricane Dana's imminent arrival! This was a timely book in a way since Hurricane Michael hit part of Florida earlier in the week.  He was a fast-strengthening storm, and even cause many in my area to lose power and trees.  My neighbor had a big tree fall and hit her house (not too much damage to the house, thankfully; and we lost power for right at 24 hours).  An OK book.

A Lady in Disguise by Sandra Byrd -- This book starts with Gillian Young attending her father's funeral.  He was a policeman who died from a runaway cart (supposedly.)  She noticed her father's former coworkers are less friendly and some downright hostile towards her, her house is searched, and she's being harassed. What is going on? I like this book about her work as a theatre seamstress, and her young interns. 

Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey -- While running from an abusive boyfriend, Jess finds an unoccupied house to break into. She ends up staying for a few days in this abandoned place and finding a bit of a mystery about Stella, an English lady, married to a vicar, and Dan, the American soldier who made her life more interesting during World War II. 

Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah -- When Mikaela suffers a head injury after falling from her horse, her family talks to her while she lies in a coma. Her husband finds one name makes her respond - the name of her ex-husband.  So, he locates the ex-husband with hopes that his talking to Mike will help her wake up.  Weird thing to do maybe, but a decent book.  Easy read.

Sweet Caroline by Rachel Hauck -- After reading a few books with heavier topics, this was a light, easy read about Caroline there in Beaufort, SC. She was left the Frogmore CafĂ©, an institution in the town, but a falling-apart money pit!  Caroline is a lovable character anyone would be lucky to know. A cute book. 

Get Lucky by Katherine Center -- After Sarah is fired from her advertising job, she visits her sister in their hometown of Houston.  She realizes Mackie (toddler version of Mary Katherine in case you were wondering) really wants a baby, and since Mackie has been unsuccessful in this quest for a child for 6 years, Sarah decides to have a baby for Mackie and her husband Clive.  No problem.  An easy read, and I do like the characters quite much. 

Bread and Dreams by Jonatha Ceely -- This is actually the second book in the story of Mina, so I will have to read the first book soon.  This story followed Mina as she left home in Ireland to travel across the Atlantic for New York, and as she continued her life there. Thankfully she had her trusty friend, Mr. Serle, who looked out for her, and she meets interesting characters - the Corbetts (Jane and Honor) and Flint, the sailor, among others.  Good book. 

Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen -- A pretty good story that starts with Emil, a recent immigrant from Germany, and his bride, Eveline, who begin married life in a small cabin in the woods of Minnesota in 1938.  To them is born Hux (named for Emil's grandpa, I believe, Huxley), and later Emil travels back to Germany because his father is dying.  In that year he was gone, something life-changing happens to Eveline that affects the next couple of generations (and maybe more, but the story ends around Naamah's daughter Racina's 11th birthday.)  Some rather interesting characters in this book, and overall a decent read. 

Lord Fenton's Folly by Josi Kilpack -- Lord Fenton does his best to live an outlandish lifestyle in London in order to bring shame to his father, but he changes his ways when his father nearly cuts him off from his title and inheritance.  The List Of Things To Do In Order to Stay in My Good Graces includes marrying within a few months.  Looking around for the least objectionable woman he knows, Lord Fenton proposes to Alice Stanbridge.  That's always a good way to woo a lady.  Pretty good book.

Fields of Gold by Marie Bostwick -- this was actually the first in a two-part series; I read the second book a few weeks ago and then realized this book covered Morgan's mom's life and his birth whereas book 2 focused a whole lot more on Morgan and his flying during World War II.  Charles Lindbergh was a minor, yet influential, character is both books. Pretty good story about Eva and her life in Dillon, Oklahoma.

Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck -- Part of the Royal Wedding Series; I'm not sure I'll continue these because I didn't find it all that good.  I liked a book by this author that I read a week or so ago, but this was just ho-hum at best. Susanna lives on St. Simons Island in Georgia and meets this really cool fellow who happens to be a prince from a (fake) European nation. He doesn't introduce himself as that so she thinks he's just a regular guy with a cool accent.