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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unshackled & Growing -- book review

This book was sent to me by the author Nabeel Jabbour, an Arab Christian who has become a helpful friend in recent months. I "met" him after "happening upon" his book, The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross, at a local Christian bookstore and reading the book and the e-mail addendum. Incredible stuff and was just what I needed at the time!

Unshackled & Growing is for "Muslims and Christians on the journey to freedom." There were many good things in this book, but one of my favorites was the reminder that the Gospel is Jesus Christ, no more and no less. Dr. Jabbour reminded us that often we wrap the gospel with other things whether they be rules or preferences or traditions, but the Gospel is Christ alone.

Another great thing was the reminder from Ephesians 1 that God has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing so instead of praying, '"Father, bless me," it is more accurate to pray, 'Father, open my eyes so I will see how you have already blessed me . . . '"

One chapter reminds us that we are strategically positioned: we are saints, ambassadors and victors in Christ.

About thanksgiving the author stated: "When we thank God and accept our circumstances, we tune into His wavelength. We become aware that He is in full control of current events in the world and in our lives. ... Giving thanks is more than what we do during our quiet times. It is an attitude we carry throughout the day."

Great book for discipling and helping people grow in their Christian walks.

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