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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Michael & The Christmas Card

So, yeah, I know Christmas was way last year, but I'm only now looking at the pictures on my memory card. On Christmas evening we went to my grandparents' apartment. For years and years my family would travel to their house whether they lived in SC or the few years they lived in north Florida. But now they are up here close by so traveling to see them didn't take as long. Here are a few cute pictures I saw now.

Michael had to sign the card before giving it to Mema.

Concentrating on doing a good job

Susie comes to see what all he is writing

Finishing up

He wrote:

I love you

PS. thanks for
the peanut


Wafa said...

he is so sweet :) , you are lucky to have such a lovely boy in your life.
i am going to ask a personal question and if you mind , just please ignore it :) . Is Michael your son or he just lives with you and your husband?

Susanne said...

Wafa', thanks for your sweet comment. Michael is my sister's little boy. They live about 5 miles from me so I get to see him quite a bit. :)

I will post pictures of my sister and her husband soon so you can see them. I have pics of them on my blog, but they are scattered a bit. I just got two off my sister's Facebook page that I'll post tomorrow, Insh'allah. :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post. I love it!


Sarah said...

Cute! What's the story about the peanut butter?

Suroor said...

Well finally!

Loved his writing!

Susanne said...

Shell, thank you! :-)

Sarah, sometimes Michael and my grandmother will eat peanut butter crackers together. It's like a ritual and she introduced him to making his own crackers one day when I was out running errands for them. Nothing big, but you see he noted it on the card. :)

Suroor, yeah finally! :-P I forgot what all I had on that memory card. Who knows maybe more Christmas pics will make their appearance in coming days. :)