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Monday, February 14, 2011

Stepping out of my box and changing my mind

So the other day I mentioned posting things on Facebook that may come across surprising to some who knew me growing up.  With few exceptions, the ones who've actually engaged in conversation were never close friends. They are merely people who went to the same school and knew who I was, but not really that much about me.  In reality my beliefs were probably more in line with theirs back then. My thoughts on certain topics have changed mostly within the last couple of years as I've talked to people outside of my southern, Baptist, conservative box. The internet is a great place for meeting people, what can I say?  And I did a lot of reading on certain topics also.  I don't change my mind that easily! 

I've decided I want to share bits and pieces of some conversations (my answers to questions) basically so if I'm ever asked again, I can find the topic on my blog and copy and paste it. Ha, ha! No, not really. Actually it will be good for me to put it out here to review from time to time.  Who knows? With more information on these topics, I may very well change my mind in another direction.  While I definitely believe there are absolutes of which we should never waver, I also realize many topics are not cut and dry. They are not so black and white as many would have us believe.  I was asked on a thread -- where I seemed to be cheering on the Egyptian revolution too much for some -- my thoughts of Israel, Islamic jihad and sharia. Other threads have pondered the Muslim Brotherhood. How these four things deal with the Egyptian uprising is clear to me knowing how many here (not all of America perhaps, but here here...like here among the Glenn Beck watchers) think and where they are coming from.

I want to say that I do understand them. I do understand where they are coming from because for many years I probably could (and would) have asked some of the same questions and feared some of the same things. And maybe I am naive and silly for having changed my mind.  I guess time will tell. 

In the meantime, I'm happy for the Egyptians and I pray that they will be able to transition to government made up of leaders who will represent them well and value human rights and freedom for all, even the country's minority groups.  I watched an 11 minute video that aired on 60 Minutes. If you are able to view it, I'm sure you will enjoy seeing Wael Ghonim as he talks of the revolution in his country. I don't know a lot about him, but he seems like a very honorable man from the little I've seen and read about him.

Here's the link.

If you have any topics you want me to address, please let me know. For now I'll plan on discussing my thoughts on Israel, Islamic jihad and sharia since I was asked about them just last week.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day! 


Nobody said...

I always enjoy reading your thoughts! I share the same hope for Egypt and any other country going through such difficult times! I really do hope they get a GOOD government interested in it's people, not interested in pushing an agenda. I have real fears of the outcome, but I am never upset when a fear is proven to be misplaced.

As far as Israel is concerned, I think the best course of action for everyone involved is to stop playing hate games and just accept they are there, Israel is there, and try to get along. All of their problems are problems because they make it a problem. They make it a problem as an excuse to be mad at each other. It's kind of stupid on all sides if you ask me.

Back to Egypt...I really, REALLY hope they don't fall into the hands of nutjobs. I hope, for their sake and everyone elses, whomever steps in does the right thing and is strong in their actions for the defense of that country and ALL of her people.

Lat said...

I don't see a link anywhere!lol

I hope to read on whatever you intend to talk about the topics mentioned and to this,

"They are not so black and white as many would have us believe.."

I can't agree more.

For Isreal's part,it's not just about getting over the problem when it's such a deep sticking issue for so many decades.But it's also about accepting one's cause to problems so far and then working to make things right for all.

And Happy Valentine's Day to You too!

Susanne said...

Daniel, glad to read your thoughts on this. Thank you for sharing them! I agree that we all hope for the best for Egypt and wish for people who will have the people's best interest at heart and not their own agendas. Good point. Thanks again for your feedback!

Lat, oh, you have to click on the words "here is the link" to find it! Ha! It's hidden. :-D

Yes, I agree with your thoughts on Israel. So many people don't understand the reasons WHY people there hate and why this sore keeps festering. I'll try to post some more on these topics soon. I'll look forward to your feedback on those posts. I may need to tweak my views and they may need correcting. :)

Thank you both for your thoughts!

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

I love reading all of your thoughts, and do read every post even if I'm often late at commenting and sometimes don't have anything to say.

I'm feeling very hopeful for Egypt, and the Middle East in general these days. God willing they'll get the governments these brave and courageous people truly deserve.

As for Israel, I think the conflict is much more complicated than most people realize. There are fault on all sides, and there is need for true compassion, understanding willingness to let go, if the region is going to be able to move on.

Susanne said...

Becky, I'm the same way. I read your posts even the cute 100 ways to ... and find them great, but don't always reply. And you know I like your link list because you caught me putting one on Facebook the other day. Ha,ha! :)

Yes, the Israel situation does need understanding on all sides..so true! I am reading a book by James Zogby and he mentions this very thing!

Thank you for your thoughts!

Suroor said...

You are a beautiful person, Susie! You have always been nice and sweet and respectful to me. If that shocks people, please shock them more :)

Susanne said...

Hehehe...I'll do my best to be Shocker Susie then! ;-D