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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I remember awhile back there was some talk about how human brains were wired to notice patterns so maybe I can chalk this up to that, but in


So, yesterday I was in the mood for and ate tuna on Wheat Thins.  I can't tell you the last time tuna and crackers was my supper choice, OK?  Like, um, years.  Years!  Like living-at-home-with-my-parents years!

This morning I was looking through a few Facebook statuses from overnight and read one acquaintance's that said

"just ate a bowl of tuna with some Crackers and i do have to say it was the bomb"

What?!  Who eats tuna and crackers and posts about it on Facebook because it was so delicious?

I guess those like me who decide it warrants a blog post to talk about the oddity of it.

Have you ever noticed odd patterns like this?

In other news I was at some store yesterday just walking around and listening to people. Not eavesdropping...they were talking loudly so I had no choice but to hear them. Have you ever stopped to think about what a person from another country (or even state!) would think if he or she were walking through the store with you hearing the same things and seeing the same products displayed?   I wonder what would take their attention.  (Reminds me of this great video of the British guys in Walmart! Haha!) 

Samer saw this picture of Michael on Facebook yesterday. 

Michael's cousins were getting ready to head back to South Carolina where they live and I said, "Let's go outside to wave to them" so we did.  One cousin threw his arm around Michael and told his grandmother to take a picture of them.  Sweet, huh?

But the thing that Samer commented on was Michael's feet! 

They were bare and he was outside!

It's funny what takes people's attention sometime! 

Speaking of taking attention, I was talking to my aunt and cousins the other day when I felt a little cheek on my fingers. I looked down to see this.

Has anything or anyone taken your attention lately?  What odd coincidences have you noticed?


Unknown said...

What?! Who eats tuna and crackers and posts about it on Facebook because it was so delicious?

I guess those like me who decide it warrants a blog post to talk about the oddity of it.

:D Love it. I don't know, that's sort of just the way a lot of people do things today. Like tweeting about random momentary thoughts, or what they're having for lunch, or anything that pops into their head really. With all these micro-blogging/social networking sites, people share tiny details of their lives that didn't used to be worth mentioning. It's like, "Hey, the status bar is there, I haven't posted anything in awhile, might as well talk about the crackers I just ate!" :D

In a weird coincidence, though, I planned on having tuna for dinner tonight before I realized it makes more sense to go to the dining hall on campus since I have a class right before and right after. But not with crackers, just by itself.

Umm...Yeah, I notice weird patterns like that all the time, but nothing specific comes to mind at the moment.

Pictures are adorable! I like the way you described the baby on your lap, it sounds as if he spontaneously appeared there. Do you mean that he crawled over to you and you didn't notice at first, or you were already holding him and just noticed he was sleeping all cute?

Amber said...

I have no thoughts! All thoughts went out of my head while I was staring at the tiny cute baby! He's hypnotic!

Umm...of course Michael's feet were bare. It's September in the South. *quirks eyebrow at Samer* I run around barefoot every chance I get. Shoes. Bah.

Patterns...um. Nothing comes to mind atm. I did have a weird thing where again I'm either rearranging things in my sleep or my ghost has learned to move books, but that's not a pattern. Just weird.

I am not having nor planning to have tuna any time soon. So.

Susanne said...

Sanil, yeah, I agree that the status bar is there just waiting for me to write something! Haha! Good point and I really don't mind it at all. Just found it weird that someone else had tuna and crackers the same night I did since it's a rarity for me. :)

No,Zach doesn't crawl quite yet. He had been lying on a quilt staring at his cousin Sophie for a long time. Then he started fretting a bit like he does when he is bored and wants to sit up or do *something* different so I put him on my lap so he could watch his cousins play.

But he must have been tired because normally he holds up his head and looks around. Instead, I felt his cheek resting on my fingers and then noticed, "Oh my, he's tired!" and was falling fast asleep. So cute. :)

Susanne said...

Amber, you make me laugh! Ah, ghosts..hmm. Tell them to stop messing with your books! :)

Yeah, bare feet..what's the problem? :D I found it amusing that that took his attention. He said, "I see Germans do that sometime" as if it's a foreign concept to him. Eh, maybe it is. :)

Well, Sanil and I will just eat the tuna then... :)

Anonymous said...

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