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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Books, Books and More Books!

You may recall the dozen books I received for Christmas last year
I have finished 8 of them, and recently started on the most intimidating one - at least to my eyes.

My current reads. The middle one is the aforementioned "most intimidating one."

See, it's even difficult to picture on my blog! It was turned properly on my camera, but loaded sideways.
It has over 600 pages and not super-large print. I started this one on my birthday hoping to read at least 5 pages a day so I can finish it in about 4 months.  I'll try to update you each month about my progress. Maybe putting it here will make me more accountable. Can I finish it by August 31?

The books I received for my birthday.
The one on the bottom left was used and came with no book jacket.
It is "The Call to Seriousness: Evangelical Impact on the Victorians."

In case you are keeping track, these are the books I have left to finish. I hope to make a dent in them before the allure of the library captures me and I start reading those again!


Amber said...

I don't see how this is a problem. Too many books is *never* a bad thing. :)

Susanne said...

Ha! Yes, true. It's only a problem when I fail to read them, but I'm working on that! :)