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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sally and Alastair

This may only be funny to me - and Andrew, but I figured I'd post it in case I ever wanted to reread something that made us laugh.  

On Sunday Andrew and I were out together and talk of his upcoming birthday came up. He said, "I'm getting so old I can't remember anything, Sally*."

I replied: "Yeah, I know what you mean, Alastair."

An incredulous pause by Andrew.

"Alastair?! Who thinks of *Alastair* when they are losing their memory?"

Hahahahaa...OK, maybe you had to be there. :)

(*This is the name he calls me whenever he pretends his memory is failing).


Anonymous said...

The other day, I saw a clip of a stand up comedian. He joked about the many things he can do without being blamed for it because of his age. Skipping social events, forgetting responsibilities, etc. The best I liked if he is in a party and didn't want to stay longer he just can tell them I am too old I have to sleep early. I found that funny because he is right we don't push old people much if they forgot a birthday or an event. They can just tell us they forgot and would be totally okay :)
It seems Andrew is using this trick already :)

Amber said...

I think it must be nice to be married to an Alastair. At least you know when you call his name in a crowded room he's the only one who'll turn around! ;)

Susanne said...

Jaraad, ha! Thanks for sharing that. yes, it does seem as if ol' Alastair is using this trick.


Amber, that's funny! When he's called me this week, he has been saying, "Hey, Sally. Alastair here."

Amber said...

You two are so cute. *pinches your cheeks*

Susanne said...


Unknown said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing such a cute story.