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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Adventures with Zach

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day so Zach and I headed out to explore the area. OK, not the whole area, but we did go somewhere he's never been before: the cemetery in downtown Graham. He likes crosses, and I knew one side of the cemetery had a few.  We headed there first.

You can see the courthouse way in the distance. I walk in that area a lot.

He saw the pretty flowers and wanted a picture with them.

He found a small flower in the grass

We didn't stay long looking at the graves. Next we headed to the Burlington City Park where Zach made a friend or two,

Zach and David

having fun together

we looked around a bit,

it was too big to pick

he named this little tree Zach

and later we went down to the "pond." 

Zach decided he wanted to cross it by hopping on the rocks.

  Trouble is, the rocks weren't all that big or steady or in the right spots for crossing so I suggested that he just roll up his pants and use both the rock and feet-in-the-water methods.  He loved it.  He crossed twice, and wanted to go for it again, but I didn't want to chance his slipping so we got ready to leave.  He had to be somewhere at three anyway.

We made a quick stop at Blessed Sacrament so we could show Bagel the outside crosses.  He was impressed!

This afternoon at the park, I watched Zach motion my way and introduce me to his new sand-box pals as "my craziest friend, Susie." Little stinker.  :)


sheeshany said...

Spring, park, pond, new friends, slides, a PERFECT day :)

And yes, flowers -varying sizes- as well as a yellow T-shirt ;D

(I love yellow A LOT)

*looks out the window, sees the pouring rain, weeps, hits publish comment*

Susanne said...

Your comments make me smile. :) Thanks for what you said. Haha. Yellow is a cheery color!

We had a rainy day recently, and I told Zach we needed to be thankful for the rain, blah, blah, blah, but I do really love sunshine. And he told me this as well!

Especially this time of the year. It's so nice to get out and do things!

Unknown said...

Every time I see a cemetary I want to walk through it, but for some reason I feel like that would be tresspassing. Now I'm thinking I'll check it out. Looks like you had fun!

Susanne said...

I think if you are respectful which I know you will be, it's perfectly fine. A lot of genealogists traipse through cemeteries looking for family, and people leave flowers on their own family members' graves. It's often sobering to stand there and imagine what life must have been like for people - especially when you see the old graves and people who died at very young ages.