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Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Happenings

1 -- Southpoint with Zach; the play area was being remodeled so we looked at the Disney stuff at JC Penney, bought candy, ate it by the fountain, got some lunch upstairs, looked at a toy store, got a balloon at Nordstrom; stuff like that.

I let him wear his UNC shirt to Durham

6 -- schooling and out with Zach

7 -- outside with the kids

ummmm wha!

8 -- Homeland Creamery and Cedarock Park

9 -- Zach swept the leaves off the deck, and then jumped in them; to Tanger

he wanted pretzels

11 -- day trip to Boone with Andrew

12 -- hopscotch chalk drawing

12 - 25 --  Zach and Sophie to the mountains and Illinois

13 -- to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, and Boone with Mama

14 -- to Valle Crucis, Elk Knob State Park, and Todd with Mama

16 - 18 -- Southport, Oak Island, Wrightsville Beach with Andrew

23 - 24 -- to Damascus, Abingdon, Valle Crucis, and the Blue Ridge Parkway near Sparta with Andrew

24 -- Poppy's birthday; extended family to Gwynn's house for pig pick'n

25 -- the kids home; mine and Andrew's wedding anniversary (we went to Food Lion together...awwww)

He wanted to wear these despite it being about 73 degrees

26 -- chalk art with Zach

27 -- to the children's museum with Zach

making a skeleton

hat hair

skeleton and bats

Zach started his Christmas list

He told me that line after Xbox 360 (which he wants to buy from Michael; thus the $$$) was "model snowflake and Steve in a box" whatever that means!

29 -- enjoying it "snow" leaves

30 -- costume parade and trick or treating in downtown Burlington; trunk of treat by Graham police department and local businesses

31 -- Halloween events at First United Methodist Church, Graham


Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Regarding Zach's wishlist, he might find it interesting that my fiancé's company is building an app for the x box. Using the kinnect it can see what you look like, and when you choose clothes in the app, you can see what it would look like on you, on the screen.

Susanne said...

That sounds cool and fun!