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Monday, December 5, 2016

Younger Days

Recently I was at my parents' house and found a few old pictures of my dad literally lying on the floor. Apparently he'd been looking through some things and a folder slid off a shelf or something.  Not sure how they ended up there, but I quickly rescued them, photographed them, and decided to share them here.

I think he told me he was about 20, and stationed in Alabama when these pictures were taken.  His USAF training and service took place in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Goose Bay.

My dad grew up on a dairy farm in Caswell County in northern North Carolina.  He spent many hours working for local tobacco farmers, making a few dollars to buy school clothes and supplies.  Many of his peers were drafted into the service during the Vietnam War era so my dad joined the United States Air Force expecting he'd be drafted eventually.

Interestingly enough (to me anyway), instead of being sent overseas to fight, he was sent to Goose Bay way up in Canada.  He's mentioned tunnels in the snow as if this was definitely something that made a huge impression.   I should find out more stories about his time there.

Here is a clipping from the paper when a General visited Goose Air Base.  My dad is the one grinning. 

And another picture that was in that group I found recently.


Chiara said...

Thanks for sharing! Snow tunnels bring to mind 2 things: actual tunnels created through deep snow, and walking on a street in Quebec where the snow banks were so high it was like walking through an open tunnel or canal. Glad to hear you have a Canadian connection! :)

jaraad said...

I love old pictures even if they are not for people I know personally. It is weird I know, but I feel they tell more stories than the new ones :)

You have a handsome dad.

I like your father's grin in the third picture. He was thrilled it seems :)

Susanne said...

Chiara, yes, my Canadian connection indeed! :)

Nice to see you here! I hope you are well.

Jaraad, yes, I love old photos, too! That's one reason I enjoyed seeing 15 year old Malik on FB a few weeks ago. :) Not that we are THAT old, but hopefully you know what I mean. :)

Good hearing from both of you!