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Friday, May 4, 2018

Family Letters from China

Several months ago my mom gave me a small manila envelope that had my grandmother's handwriting on it.  It said "Inf. on Dan's Mother;" Dan's mother being my great-grandmother Prudence Ruth Cooley Truax who died in 1930 at age 28.  She'd given birth to her fourth child, her first daughter, a couple of days prior.  My grandpa - the one I called Pop - was just four when his mom died.  Pop is the smiley little boy below, pictured with his parents and older brothers, David and Carlton.  (Pop was born April 8, 1926, so this picture was probably a bit later that year.)

The envelope had some interesting things which I wanted to photograph and share with family members partly because the paper is so thin - and what if I lost the letters somehow? 

If you are interested in reading Edgar Allen Truax's letter to his mom, about his wife's death, here you go.   I think if you click on the pictures, you can read it better.

Also, another family member wrote this about her burial. Apparently Prudence's mother wrote folks back home (I'm thinking "back home" was Iowa) with this information.

This was written on the outside of the above (2nd) letter.  

Finally, a wedding announcement for Pop's mom and dad's marriage.


Niki said...

Very sad. But nice that y'all have these letters.

Niki said...

Your grandpa looks a lot like Zach and Sophia in this picture. Or vice versa.

sheeshany said...

Sad but as we say, this is life!

These letters r treasures, really!

Susanne said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I'm glad to have the letters. :)

Nancy said...

I'm a little behind. Just reading this post now. :)

What an emotional letter to read (though easier to read than it would have been to write it)!