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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Solving a DNA-Match Mystery

If you've read my blog for a couple of years, you may remember how startled I was by my high Europe South (Italian/Greece) DNA results from Ancestry.com awhile back. Then, of course, the results were updated and I wasn't quite as Italian after all, but my dad stayed strongly Italian. I figured if my results refined to more Great Britain (which is much more understandable and likely), his should as well. That wasn't the case.

I figured it was just one of those mysteries that the Fuqua side held. Who knew if I'd ever figure it out?

But then I started contacting some of the closer cousin DNA matches which brought me some "new" cousins on the Truax, Wilkinson, Ferrell, Wilson, and other sides. I even convinced a guy from California that he was my Truax cousin, and what fun detective work that was last year!

What's been odd, though, is that some last names I'd hoped to find are absent from my list. And then there are a host of these Greek and Italian surnames showing up - a few as close family. Like close enough that they are in the same category as my nephew Michael. Yet...I have no idea who they are. And at least one of them has replied back that they are puzzled on their end as well as they've never been to the South...and they live in Ohio.

I've put more things together, and I think I've figured it out. My dad's sister did a DNA test recently, and when her results come in, I'm pretty sure that I will have more answers.

Unfortunately the responsible parties aren't alive to confirm anything, but with the DNA results plus my online sleuthing, I'm going to make the best scientific-and-mystery-solving guess that I can!

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Nancy said...

Intriguing! I look forward to hearing your conclusions!