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Monday, December 1, 2008


First I'll tell you that we already got 2 Christmas greetings. One was a postcard from Andrew's friends in Germany and the other from Robert Sharpe addressed to "Susanne Tuck & Family." You'll remember I got a picture of this man and his family (wife, 3 kids) last year and didn't know who they were! At least this year the picture greeting came in a business envelope for Robert Sharpe, Attorney here in Graham. Why I am on his Christmas list, I don't know. His wife looks Korean and the children are surely cute.

Okay... as for spies, about a month or so ago I read a book about Israel and wrote some things about the book per my dad's instructions. I guess he didn't want to read the book and thought I could sum it up for him. So I sent it to him and a few others and also mentioned it here briefly. Anyway, I recall reading about how some Christians in America sponsored the immigration of Soviet Jews to Israel and also how some ladies' fellowships sponsor poor Jews like widows who were too poor to buy their Passover meals and so forth. I remember that made an impression on me because I'd never heard of it before.

ANYWAY, fast forward about a month and what do I get in today's mail? Something from the International Fellowship for Jews and Christians and the outside envelope has a picture of an elderly Jewish woman with the writing, "You can feed an elderly Jewish widow in Israel for only $2.40." And then inside it has a letter from an orthodox rabbi who is appealing to Christians who want to help rescue Jews and so forth.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THIS HAPPENING?? Are there spies in my computer? Do any of you know how this works? Spyware? It's just weird that I wrote about this topic in late October, and today I got this by snail mail. Weird. How'd they find my home?

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