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Friday, April 24, 2009

More Life Stuff

It's another glorious day! Michael has homeschool field day at the park. Last year they had 150 participants! Not sure how many will turn out this year. Yesterday he and Steph went to a play at the Mebane Arts Center. Steph said he really enjoyed it and laughed a lot. She signed him up for summer gymnastics at Kidsport. Not that we are ever expecting or even desiring him to become a gymnast (ha!), but it will be fun for him to do some running and climbing and jumping and flipping with others this summer.

Michael & Will at their shared birthday party
February 2009

Will should be on his way home now. He was in Texas all week for a managers meeting of some sort. The managers are all older than Will, but had been warned that the one they talk to on the phone was a younger guy. (He turned 26 in late February.) They told him, "We'd been told you were young so we knew who you were right away." :-) I must say that my brother in law is one of the finest, most hard-working young men I have ever met. He came to America as a teenager. He had picked up some of the language from watching American TV shows and visiting his Tia Mari (Venzuelan) and Tio Wayne (he's from Ohio) in the summers. I recall Will saying the hardest word for him to say was "refrigerator" (I imagine he was rolling all those Rs.) and he'd practice saying it over and over and over. Now he says it just fine. Actually if you talked to Will, you'd be hard pressed to ever know he grew up in Venezuela and didn't speak both English and Spanish in his formative years. Yeah, he's that good. His aunt Mari, on the other hand, earned a doctor's degree here (she's a toxicologist), but retained her strong Spanish accent. Which is fine. It's actually charming and fits her well. She knows English; she just sounds South American when she speaks it.

One funny Will story ... He was chosen to attend Florida State High School and was asked by a coach if he wanted to play football which he was eager to try. However, he'd never played American football so he and his aunt went to a Barnes & Noble-type store to purchase a book on how to play football. Isn't that cute? Learning to play a sport by a book. :-) Another cute Will story from just a couple years ago .. he and Michael and I think my brother went to play golf and the guy referred to Michael as Will's little brother. Wow, this has turned out to be about Will when all I needed to say was he is coming home today! Ha!

Earlier this week I went with my dad to Sam's Club in Greensboro. I got a membership for him for Christmas so we decided to use it to purchase a few things. My most memorable purchase is the gallon of aloe vera juice. Whoowee, what a taste! It's actually a bit like drinking amaretto .. it has that flavoring and is strong-tasting to me. I am used to water so most things are strong to me in that regard. :-)

Last night we went to Dave Ramsey's town hall meeting.
Our church was one of the more than 6,000 locations in the US that was hosting his live presentation. Over 1 million Americans participated and we had about 300 at our church. He is really interesting and kept my attention the whole hour and a half. My dad met us there so it was nice seeing him for the second time this week. It was called Town Hall for Hope.

His website says this:

Way to Go, America!

On April 23, over 1 million people in more than 6,000 host locations joined together to get real answers about the economy and turn back the tide of fear in their communities. But Town Hall for Hope isn’t over yet! Now it’s up to you, America, to keep the momentum going!

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