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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Damascus -- Inside the Castle

We've seen some sights from outside Krac des Chevaliers and a post with lots of stairs, so how about we view a few things on the inside of the castle.

Samer can be our guide.

Some of the passageways were dim

The stable area

Here is where the guards could keep an eye on the surrounding area. Believe me from that view, you could see the enemy coming from miles away.

Talking to a guide

I had to take a ceiling picture, right?

Some inscription I cannot read .. and it isn't Arabic either.

On the castle grounds was a chapel later converted into a mosque when the Muslims took over. Here Samer is pretending to be the imam delivering his address to the congregation.

Abu Muhammad pretended to be a knight in shining armor

Ready to head outside again?

Pictures from Homs, Syria
February 8, 2009

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