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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make Christmas Meaningful

Everyone wants Christmas to be meaningful. Spend less on gifts and more on relationships.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Oby is someone I've seen commenting on other blogs and she dropped by and left this wonderful video link yesterday. It's less than three minutes and a good reminder of how we can make a difference in this world. Please take a few minutes to view this. I know nothing of the group, but I could not argue with the message of this short video.

Thank you for sharing this with me, Oby. What a great reminder of helping those who are less fortunate - the "least of these" that Jesus spoke of. I shared this on Facebook, too. :-)


oby said...


You are so welcome. I thought it was so touching and so on target about how we should be celebrating Christmas. It isn't about the shiny new bauble we get it is about the love that Jesus has for each of us and how we should share that love with others! Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

Sarah said...

I saw it this morning in the comment on your other post, and really liked it. Pretty amazing to think what that money could do if we put it to good use.

I made a post a while back on a related subject and as I recall you were the only person who responded (thank you!). Sad... I would like to make changes in how I do Christmas gift-giving but I don't know how to breach it with my family. Any ideas??

Susanne said...

Oby, I couldn't have said it better! Thank you!

Laila, yes, I remember your lovely post about that. It was great! I wish I had some ideas for you. It might be too difficult for this year, but maybe in the future you could let them know ahead of time that you would like to make the holiday season more low-key and instead of spending tons of money on things people don't really need, you want to help out the less fortunate. Maybe you could have people give towards a charity of your choice or give gifts to charity in honor of your mom or dad. Let me know if you ever figure something out. I'm sure there are some great ideas somewhere out there.

Oh, I like what Samaritan's Purse does. They send a catalog and say you can buy a goat for a family or a well for a village or sponsor a child's education or buy seeds for planting this crop or that and then you send them money and tell them what you want to do. It seems a good project to do and I could see a family getting involved in poor areas by doing such things. I like things like this and try to get involved when I can.