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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bruised Reeds, Smoldering Wicks, Jesus!

"A bruised reed he will not break,
and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out."

~ Isaiah 42:3 & Matthew 12:20
Old Testament prophecy attributed to Jesus

Is there anything more frail than a bruised reed? Look at the bruised reed at the water's edge. A once slender and tall stalk of sturdy river grass, it is now bowed and bent.

Are you a bruised reed? Was it so long ago that you stood so tall, so proud? You were upright and sturdy, nourished by the waters and rooted in the riverbed of confidence.

Then something happened. You were bruised . . .

by harsh words
by a friend's anger
by a spouse's betrayal
by your own failure
by religion's rigidity.

And you were wounded, bent ever so slightly. Your hollow reed, once erect, now stooped, and hidden in the bulrush.

And the smoldering wick on the candle. Is there anything closer to death than a smoldering wick? Once aflame, now flickering and failing. Still warm from yesterday's passion, but no fire. Not yet cold but far from hot. Was it that long ago you blazed with faith? Remember how you illuminated the path?

Then came the wind ... the cold wind, the harsh wind. They said your ideas were foolish. They told you your dreams were too lofty. They scolded you for challenging the time-tested. . . . .

The bruised reed and smoldering wick. Society knows what to do with you. The world has a place for the beaten. The world will break you off; the world will snuff you out.

But the artists of Scripture proclaim that God won't. Painted on canvas after canvas is the tender touch of a Creator who has a special place for the bruised and weary of the world.

A God who is the friend of the wounded heart. A God who is the keeper of your dreams. . . . Let's ponder the moments when Christ met people at their points of pain. We'll see the prophecy proved true.

We'll see bruised reeds straightened and smoldering wicks ignited.

Quoted from He Still Moves Stones by Max Lucado; pgs. 6&7


Angela said...

You know dear sister, I REALLY needed this...God KNEW and He sent you to me..((Hugs))...sigh.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. I don't know how you knew I needed this...like the poster above, God must have known and sent you to touch us.

THANK YOU! I love you dearly and pray that you are doing well. This was much needed for me today.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I REALLY needed this today especially. Thanks Susie. I love you Friend!

Wafa said...

i guess you have a winner post dear.

everyone needs it and felt like you were talking to him/her directly.

And the words are so beautiful and noruishing.

Thanks a lot :)

Carmen S. said...

Beautiful and AMEN!

Chalk it up to another "needed this". Thanks for being willing to share! Love ya, friend!

Suroor said...

OH.MY.DEAR.GOD! What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for this!

Susanne said...

I read this in the introduction chapter of a book I started yesterday and was struck with how gentle, kind and loving our great God is to us. He knows our struggles - and He cares!

I just *had* to share it. I have so many hurting friends and wanted to encourage all who read these words.

Love you all!

Sarah said...

That is beautiful.
Sometimes I don't dare let myself believe that there is any hope for someone who is not strong and confident and capable. But I think there is... it just takes time sometimes.
We have the ability to live in all adversarial conditions this planet throws at us, and that makes me feel like there is goodness and God.

Susanne said...

Sarah, one of the chapters in this book deals with people who aren't confident in coming to God. They don't know how to pray "right," they aren't even sure God cares or wants to hear from them. Of course this is a Christian book so it has examples from the gospels. One story that touched my heart was the father who said "If you can do anything for him, please have pity on us and help him." Notice the doubt there -"if." Yet Jesus responded to this little bit of faith and the man asked Jesus to help him believe more. (see Mark 9:14-29).

It's a very hope-filled book. As I've read it, I've thought of you and others I know who are going through rough times. I pray God will encourage your hearts and help you keep going and never give up. May He show Himself strong in your lives.