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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silly Susie Stuff

Niki aka Nocturnal Queen gave me an award. Thanks, Niki! I truly laughed this morning when I read what she wrote about my blog.

"Susanne - Most of what she writes is an honest look at scripture and Biblical principles. She tells things how she sees them, in a sweet and gentle way. Unless we're talking cruel religious oppression of women."

Ahahahahahahahah.....you mean my outrage to honor killings and polygamy shows sometimes? *batting eyelashes, glancing around innocently*

Now I have to list some random things about myself. I've done this so often, y'all probably know nearly all there is to know about me already including my shoe size. Let's see, hmmm.

I am very happy that God gave me many new blogging friends within the last year or two! Not so long ago, folks could "meet" others by snail-mailing letters across the country or around the world. Now, we can get to know others by social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, visiting blogs and e-mailing. It's like the neo-pen pal movement and I looooooove it! It's amazing how often my "virtual friends" come to mind. I even pray for them as I take walks in the neighborhood and mow my grass. It's great how God brings you all to mind and how dear many of you have become to me. :)

By the way, I mow my yard on one of these.

I love the convenience and instantity (ha!) of digital cameras, but I was thinking one day of something I enjoyed in years past when I actually used a film camera. Once upon a time I didn't go to Walmart to get my film developed, but sent it off through the US postal system to a company that developed film cheaply and I got my prints back a few days later. It was always exciting to go to the mailbox, see the fat envelope and look at what pictures I'd taken, see how they turned out and remember the events where the memories were captured on film.

On that subject I take waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more pictures now than when I actually had to buy film and later get it developed in order to see what I'd photographed.

And speaking of "instantity," I love making up new words from time to time! I know Amber does that on occasion, too. We are both cool like that. :)

Cool Me
April 17, 2010

I am quite an emotional person. Not to the extent of women (or even men!) in some cultures, but for one who grew up around "cold westerners," I'd say I have a little "Arab" in me.

Actually I don't think my people are "cold" at all. Sure we aren't as expressive as Semitic people, but neither are we as stoic as northern Europeans and Russians and some in the Far East are stereotyped to be. I live in the South and we have our share of emotional types, I'd say.

Years ago my grandfather sent me a package addressed to "Miss Personality." My family had been to visit and he was *ahem* impressed...errrrr, amused by how expressive I was in discussing things with him, I guess. Thankfully he seemed to like that about me rather than instruct me to be some demure obedient female.

I get slightly amused and a touch annoyed sometimes when people come across as if they feel sorry for me because I don't have children. Honestly I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and understand their cultural upbringing, but I had a huge laugh yesterday when an Iraqi man who befriended me on Facebook awhile back asked me about my children. When I admitted I didn't have any and that Michael was my nephew, he wrote back and said, "I pray to God to bless you with 10 kids!! .. 5 boys and 5 girls!!!" Aw, please, no. Why is a woman's value measured in children anyway?

I like to read way better than I like to watch TV or movies. Case in point, a church friend invited us to her house about a month ago. She lent me a bag of books and one movie. To date, I've read 7 and 1/2 of the books and still haven't watched the lone movie!

I went to a small Christian school and my graduating class only had 24 students. We were a pretty close bunch. Anyway, we had a thing called Senior Superlatives where we'd vote for Most Likely to Succeed, Class Clown and so forth. Any guesses for what I was chosen by my peers?

And, no, it wasn't Most Likely to Talk Everyone's Ears Off. Haha, ...aren't you the funny one? :)

Now I want to award . . .


Yes, you...the one reading this post. So consider yourself awarded and if you want to accept the award and do a post sharing about yourself, that'd be just super! Kindly leave me a comment so I can go to your blog and learn more about you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne!

Wanted to stop by and see what you're ranting about :) Great to know about your small details in life :) And you look so warm and wonderful,mashAllah!Wish you all the success in whatever step you take!

Suroor said...

I love you Susie! You are sooooooooo beautiful and look lovely with your flowers. And I love this little post of yours.

Anonymous said...

I had a few minutes this morning and stopped by hear...I think I will steal Suroor's comment and post it again-because it's exactly how I feel as well...

I love you Susie! You are sooooooooo beautiful and look lovely with your flowers. And I love this little post of yours.

You're such a wonderful person and I've said it before and will say it again and again...I am truly thankful to God for letting us cross paths in life. Sometimes you just meet people and you can feel it inside-the goodness, the genuine-ness(is that a word?) the love and caring-all of it just flows from you. I know that when I get a message or comment or email from you that I am getting the REAL you...I am getting this unconditional love, this caring for a stranger that comes from your heart and honesty in it's purest form. I appreciate all this and I appreciate you and your words. I loved reading these things about you-but even though I didn't know it...while reading I felt that I already did :)

Lots of love and best wishes

Anonymous said...

p/s/ That would be HERE and not HEAR? I always do that????!!!!! It's like mah thang-unintentional of course. Just like I always mix up right and left(I like to contribute that to being left handed though lol)

Amber said...

You are *too cute*! I love that picture of you. So adorable! :)

Also, of *course* we can make up our own words. I'm queen of Christokolous (or whatever I decide to call it at any given moment), and you're Captain Awesome the Beloved. Who would question our power? I *like* your new word. 'Instantity'.

I know it's not how he meant it, but the gentleman wishing you 10 children reminds me of the Chinese curse, 'May you live in interesting times.' :)

Was your superlative Most Likely to Have Own Talk Show? ;)

Hmm...perhaps I shall do this. Since you pointed at me and all... :p

Carmen said...

I laughed at Niki's description of your blog on hers. Too funny!

You're sweet as pie (most of the time) ;)

Susanne said...

Lat, welcome! It's been nice getting to know you a bit on Suroor's blog. You are fun to joke with. :)

Ah, I'm sorry to be known for my ranting. *sigh* Some topics just bring that out in me as you know. ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Susanne said...

Suroor, I love you, too! I'm happy we've gotten to know one another better the last several months. I enjoy learning from you .. and I love your sense of humor! :)

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Susanne said...

Shell, been missing your posts, but I know you've been busy. I hope things are going well with all the home and yard projects and all the other stuff you have going on presently!

So happy to have met you the last few months. You are such a sweet person and I love having you as my friend! :)

Wow, what a super-sweet comment! I will have to reread all this stuff when I'm having a down, nobody-loves-me day. :) Thank you so much! <3

Susanne said...

Queen Amber, Captain Awesome the Beloved at your service, M'Lady! You are one of my favorite people to tease! I love that you tease back. :D

Loved this and laughed: "'May you live in interesting times.' :)

Haaaaaaaa! Yes, me with ten children would FOR SURE be interesting! We will all come live on your Planet Christokolous, deal?

Samer reminded me that in his culture children were blessings (and this is also biblical...funny how I forget this sometimes) so I think Jamal was wishing me blessings not curses, thankfully. ;)

Thanks for your comment! Hope to see you do this if you care to.

Susanne said...

Carmen, I know! Wasn't Niki's description GREAT?? What's even better is that she didn't even describe the other people's blogs so mine just kind of stood out. And made me laugh!

"You're sweet as pie (most of the time) ;)"

Aw shucks, Darlin', bless your heart. Yeah, I can be sweet AND sour! :-D

Thanks for your comment and I liked reading your own list! :)

Susanne said...

Oh, I almost forgot this from Amber:

"Was your superlative Most Likely to Have Own Talk Show? ;)"

Michael said he may want to be a talk show host one day. The kid enjoys speaking in front of audiences. *weird*

I was kind of shy in school.

But I was voted - don't laugh - "most spiritual." :-)

Usman said...

Well, I have always thought that American are very expressive and have warm welcome attitude.

You asked "Why is a woman's value measured in children anyway? "

Because The Mother is certainly the most beautiful and superior role of Human beings (or infact any living being). Nothing is compared to mother.
Those women who deliberately choose not be mother, in my opinion they are............., they are really missing a very very great blessing from God. They really are throwing away the most beautiful part of their femininity.

Susanne said...

Usman, that's really sweet what you said about mothers.

But what is it you called me, Mister?! ;-P***

Usman said...

"But what is it you called me, Mister?! ;-P***"

Well, I didn't call you anything. I was just answering the question you raised.

Susanne said...

Yes, I know. I was teasing. Didn't you notice this?


I was referring to "Those women who deliberately choose not be mother, in my opinion they are.............,"