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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend with Michael

Good news!  We survived our weekend with Michael!  Gave me greater appreciation of parents.  :-) He's such a sweet kid and we had lots of fun. It's just that I'm used to a bit less energy around the house...especially when I am ready for bed.  And he's going as fast as he can on the elliptical exercise machine because he figured 10:30 PM is a great time to get in a workout!

Friday, I'd just seen the four deer in my yard when Stephanie and Will dropped off Michael. He and I went on a walk through the neighborhood where we spent several minutes checking out a snake that had been squished. It was a small one and the ants were feeding off its guts.  Later we went to visit Mema and Pop and my parents for several hours.  Michael and I are the C&E Team at my grandparents' house. I clean and he entertains!  :)

On Saturday Michael went swimming with one of our neighbors and rode bikes with another (and Andrew) after dark.  That's the same night Andrew, Michael and I spent 45 minutes lying on towels watching the stars and talking.  Then yesterday after church he played with Scott, Abigail, Haleigh, Dustin and a couple other children in the neighborhood. In fact his parents got home around 4 and he played until 6:30 despite the fact he could have gone home earlier.  He enjoyed his time with the neighborhood children apparently!

He went with Andrew to run errands on Saturday and called to tell me they stopped by Andrew's parents' house and "stole a lot of goodies."  Andrew's mom keeps "goodies" there for family to "steal."  ;-)

Michael was excited about going to my church and hearing my pastor. He enjoys listening to his CDs in my car. Sometimes I'll change it to music thinking he won't want to hear preaching and he'll say, "Susie, you can turn it back to your preacher" and sometimes when I have music playing already he'll ask to hear the preacher.  

I wanted to keep the three Facebook status updates inspired by him so I'll just copy those here.

Friday night -- 

so Michael is brushing his teeth and he informed me that they have toothpaste similar to mine but "more spicy." It is mint plus it has "an extra spice which polishes your teeth extra, extra, extra!" We are off to bed. Did I mention Michael was spending the weekend with us? He is.

Saturday --

We were laying in the grass looking at the "five jillion, 3 infiniti and one stars" when Michael says, "Oh that star looks like a teddy bear with its eyes on its stomach." And "have you ever looked at a chair and imagined it was your best friend?" Interesting conversation. Now the guys are unwinding with the Sponge Bob video borrowed from our neighbors. Fun times! :)


Sunday --

So Michael wanted to go to church with me today (his parents were out of town) and he told his dad this evening the preacher asked if hitting that golf ball was more important than spending time with your family/kids. I see he was listening during the sermon. It's MUCH calmer here tonight without him here. I kind of miss lying on the grass looking at the stars though.


*The picture was from April 2010 when Michael had his school program.  Here he is saying his goodbyes to Tony and Stephen.


Amber said...

holy crap Michael is *adorable*!

Susanne said...

Well, I certainly think so. :)

Lat said...

I'm so happy that you had a marvellous time with your nephew! I wish you'll get more of such days to keep you shining and sweet! :)

Susanne said...

Ha, ha... so HE keeps me shining and sweet, eh? ;)