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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I declare, they read my mind!

Remember how we've talked about freaky coincidences in the past?  (Like this post from Halloween and this one about tuna.)  Well, this morning I was flipping through the radio stations because the one I was tuned into started messing up. 

I stopped on a song that reminded me of high school.

That made me remember riding in someone's car.

Which made me recall learning to drive...and how awful I thought I was (and probably indeed was until I became so expert..ha)

Which lead to thinking of people I've come across on blogs who were not thrilled with driving or learning to drive later in life.  (Where I live we start driver's ed around age 14.)

That lead to a passing thought of Saudi Arabia and my not even being allowed to drive.

THEN I thought of men or women being better drivers.

Who got distracted more and caused more accidents.

(I thought of how sometimes Zach distracts me while I'm driving with him because he'll be looking at me or playing with his bottle or thrashing the part of his car seat that is supposed to keep the sun out of his eyes.)

About that time the song that started this train of thought ended and the morning radio hosts introduced their next segment


Oh, weird, I thought. I'd just been thinking about this pertaining to driving.

So their battle today:  distracted driving!

Doubly weird. Did they read my mind?!

Isn't it funny when stuff like this happens?  Have you had something similar happen lately?

This isn't exactly the same, but also recently a friend wrote about squirrel feeders and I joked that bird feeders were for squirrels as well, weren't they? And then in the Sunday Parade magazine insert in my parents' newspaper there was an article about squirrels in bird feeders which I had fun sharing with her.  In case you were wondering, the lady in the Parade article named "her" squirrel Floyd.  :)


bigstick1 said...

I have had those moments.

Susanne said...

It's kind of freaky, and I was trying to make sure MY thoughts were first and they copied me and not the other way around. :)

bigstick1 said...

You always hate it if people think you are copying them.

bigstick1 said...

Wow. Messed that up. Too much bantering with Al and I think I getting tired.

It should have read:

You always hate it, if you think people think you are copying them.

Susanne said...

Haha...no problem! Al has messed up my mind. I seriously cannot figure out his statements. Must.get.sleep. :)

bigstick1 said...

Well, you have a good night. :) Gets some rest for Al may return for a new adventure in the world of "HUH????"


Susanne said...

You,too! Yes, we'll see if he returns for more First and Third World talk. :)

Michel said...

C'est hallucinant pour le commun des mortels, mais en lisant ton billet jusqu'à la fin j'ai fin par me demander si cela ne m'était pas déjà arrivé. Belle journée à toi Suzanne.
It is hallucinating for the common run of people, but by reading your ticket till the end I have at the end to wonder if it had not already arrived at me. Beautiful day to you Suzanne.

Susanne said...

And a beautiful day to you as well, Michel. :)

Candice said...

What a funny coincidence! So what was the outcome of the debate?

Susanne said...

Well,it was an ongoing topic that particular morning and I was at my destination about 10 minutes later so I didn't get to hear. Too bad! :)

Anonymous said...

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