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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Captain America at the Children's Museum

Yesterday Zach and I went by Walmart to pick up some Ovaltine, and we decided to look at the Halloween decorations and costumes.  Last year he had a dog costume his Nana bought which he refused to wear because he hated having anything placed over his head.  He ended up as a cute Bob the Builder instead.

That's a tool in the bucket

The year before that, he went as Thomas.

 He really doesn't mind something on his head. He's just not fond of stuff on his face.  Until...yesterday. So, we were looking at costumes, and I was wondering if there was anything Zach would actually wear this year. Previously when I asked him, he mentioned being Bob the Builder again.  But then he saw a Captain America costume which he wanted to see. I held it up for him, and he put it in the buggy for me to buy.

I figured I'd get it, and try it on at home. If he refused to wear it or it didn't fit, I'd return it.  I teased him by saying, "Zach, that costume costs fifteen dollars.  I'm not sure you are worth it."

He exclaimed, "I'm worf it!"  (He says a lot of "th" sounds as "fffff.")

We kept teasing throughout our trip about his being worth/worf it.

We were going by Stephanie's house so he could visit with them for awhile. He wanted to show them so I took it in, and ended up leaving for him to try on.  If Steph could persuade him to wear it.  I still wasn't sure he'd follow through with that.

But, hey, somehow he did.  And once he was convinced that the mask wouldn't make it too dark (i.e., he could still see), he had a great time playing with that costume.

I heard he made a red shield out of construction paper, made fierce faces in the mirror as he checked out how he looked, admired the poofy muscles and fake boots.  He even slept in the costume declaring it to me as "so comfortable."

I met him at the children's museum this morning, and he was wearing the mask.  He was persuaded to wear other clothes even though he wanted to wear the whole costume.

He looked like this when I saw him.  Well, he had a smile on his face especially when I pretended that I didn't see Zach and where was he, and, oh, there you are! Wow, it's Captain America!

This is his tough-guy face.

and pose...

 Intimidating, right?

He walked into the museum, and immediately pulled off the mask exclaiming to the ladies at the desk that it was him, Zach!  The ladies at the desk played along saying, "Oh, wow, we thought you were a superhero!"

He went to the craft area, stood silently with hands on his hips, staring at a worker we know as she worked at a nearby counter. When she finally turned and saw him, he took off his hat again so she'd recognize him. 

To the moms in the building area, I heard him say, "I'm just a little boy. My usual name is Zach, but I am wearing this Captain America mask."

Yanking off the mask to prove he's really just a little boy

working at the fruit stand

For some reason Zach wanted me to pretend I received a package. He was hiding inside the box, and, of course, I exclaimed over the fact that Captain America arrived.

Even superheroes need a cartoon-and-cheese-toast break.


sheeshany said...

Thomas and his friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiends *singing* <--- one of our fav.s :)

Seems Zach had a fun & eventful time - cheese-toast is in order


Nancy said...

Oh, that pose! :D