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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ancestry DNA Kits and Family Pictures

Ancestry offered their kits 20% off again last week so I asked my family if anyone wanted one.  My mom ordered one, and my sister got one although she's not decided which of them she wants to test first.  She'd like to test all of them eventually.  Wouldn't it be interesting to see what Ancestry says my Venezuelan-born brother in law is made of?  And there is Michael who looks a lot like his father, but also favors my mom at times.  And would my sister have similar DNA results as mine?  We also ordered a kit for Andrew. He has laughed about my Italian/Greek results several times telling me that is why I love pasta and pizza and pita bread.  Also, maybe it explains why I'm not a "cold Westerner" as Samer likes to say.  Italians and Greeks are -in my thinking - known for being a bit more emotional than, say, Germans.


I wanted to post these few pictures.

The first is my mom's grandfather who was a missionary in China.

Passport photo March 1919

That's why my grandfather was born there, and why Pop's mom is buried there. She died soon after having a daughter when Pop was about five.  I learned from Ancestry that she was only 29 when she died.

The kid with the arrow is Pop, my mom's dad

Also, this is my mom's youngest brother.  My mom thinks he favors their grandfather (pictured above).


This is my mom with her brothers.
Doug, Sharon, Artie, Danny

 I know I shared this already, but here they are even younger with three friends in Africa.


Niki said...

That picture of your Pop as a baby looks a lot like Zach and Sophie to me. And Doug does favor his grandfather.

Unknown said...

Latching onto a small point, like I do. :D

More language differences! I scrolled down and looked at photos first before going back to actually read the article. The word "favor" in the picture with your pop confused me a little. Like "Well, I guess a lot of boys probably do feel closer to their male relatives..."

Then I read it again in the first paragraph and wondered what that had to do with DNA tests and guessed I might be missing something. To the Google machine!

"3. NORTH AMERICAN dated informal
resemble (a parent or relative) in facial features."

So cool! I never heard that usage before, and now I got to learn something new!

Susanne said...

Oh man, Steph! I had no idea that "favor" was DATED informal. Haha. Guess I'm showing my age. :) Thanks for taking time to share that with me. :)

Niki, :)