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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My mom's gang

My mom is the oldest child in her family. She has three brothers, Danny (in the picture: top left; big smile), Artie (top middle, blond), and Doug (middle boy at the bottom). Her middle brother posted this picture - with the caption - on Facebook the other day.  I was at my parents' house when I saw she was tagged in the picture, and she told me about these boys sitting with her and her brothers.

She said the Browns were another missionary family (different denomination), and their dad and her dad (my Pop) got along splendidly with their senses of humor.  She told of Pop playing his trumpet, and Mr. Brown playing the sax.  She also told this story which I'll copy from my uncle (slight editing) since he posted the same story in a Facebook comment.

Missionary Harold Brown and my dad were up one evening at midnight eating the only snack they could find at that hour~prunes. As they ate they heard very loud snoring coming from the guard station right under the balcony where they were eating their prunes. When they were together they sometimes acted like high school pranksters. Now, about the sleeping guard that was supposed to be awake. Well, let me say this in the most Christian way possible. The grown missionaries baptized the guard below in prune seeds (pits).

My uncle's original comment on the picture:

This was "The Ibadan/Sapelis Nigeria MK Gang". Nathaniel, Bartholomew, and Thaddeus had a dad that was outstanding in fireworks demonstration. Missionary Harold Brown could also play a mean Saxaphone. And with Missionary Dan Truax Sr on the Trumpet we had great music. What fun when Missionary families had christian fellowship.

This is just something I wanted to preserve somewhere so I chose here.  


sheeshany said...

Memories r precious and just nice.

Susanne said...

:) yes, I didn't know about this particular memory from my mom until my uncle posted that picture.

How have you been?

sheeshany said...

I am okay, it has been a bit over a year since we came back. Adjustment is a harder (concept) than it seems :) but we r getting there, I think; I hope.

How r things your end? Is 2018 treating you guys good so far?

Susanne said...

I'm sure coming back has been a big adjustment, but I hope you are enjoying it for the most part!

Yes, so far 2018 has been good. Keep in touch! Hope you have a good new year. :)