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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Andrew's DNA Results

Andrew got his DNA results in this evening.   He was hoping for Russian because he and Michael always talk about Andrew's Uncle Tuckishki who invented practically *everything!* But he also has been saying he was from royalty and this - to him - proves it. Ha! 

Europe 99%

Great Britain 81% -- includes England, Scotland, and Wales -- this was my third highest
Range: 61%-100%

Scandinavia 8%

Trace Regions 10%

Ireland 3% -- this was my second highest

Europe East 3%

Iberian Peninsula 2%

European Jewish < 1%

Italy/Greece < 1% -- this was my highest

Europe West < 1%

This was also interesting to me:
How Andrew Tuck compares to the typical person native to the Great Britain region
Andrew Tuck 81%
Typical native 60%