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Friday, September 30, 2016

Italians, Greeks, Irish - oh my!

Last month I had fun receiving and analyzing my surprising DNA results.  Since then, Andrew had himself tested, and he came back thinking he is from British royalty. He's even tried out a few British accents around the house, but it's hard to cover his southern one!

I also got my parents tested.  I was curious which one of them surprised me with that 35% from Italy and Greece.  I had a hunch it was my mom because, rightly or wrongly, I think of Italians and Greeks looking more like she does: dark brown or black hair, dark eyes, more olive complexion.  I was pretty sure the Irish part (my second highest at 26%) was from my dad.  We both share fairer skin, bluer eyes, and he has two sisters with red hair.

I mean wouldn't you assume the same?

my mom
my dad on the right

my parents with Pop (her dad)
my dad with his darling firstborn

later we were a family of six

But last night their DNA test results came back, and I saw them this morning.


Africa 1%
Trace Regions 1%
 Africa North 1%

Asia < 1%
Trace Regions  < 1%
 Asia South < 1%

Europe 83%
Italy/Greece 47%
 Ireland 13%
Europe West 9%

 Trace Regions 14% 
 Europe East 6%
Great Britain 3%
Iberian Peninsula 3%
Scandinavia 1%
 European Jewish 1%

West Asia 15%
Caucasus 14%

Trace Regions  1% 
Middle East 1%


Africa < 1%
Trace Regions< 1%
 Africa North < 1%

Asia < 1%
Trace Regions < 1%
Asia Central < 1%

Europe 98%
Europe West 28%
Ireland 26%
 Great Britain 23%
 Iberian Peninsula 8%
Scandinavia 7%

Trace Regions  6%
Europe East 2%
Italy/Greece 2%
Finland/Northwest Russia 2%

The only other family member who took the test was my 14 year old nephew. I am interested in seeing Michael's results in the coming days! 

Apparently, I really need an updated picture of him on my computer.

Michael and Will, a few years ago


Chiara said...

Great post! Love the pics! You are on a wonderful journey of family genetic discovery. The book I mentioned to you by email has a lot of information about DNA testing and the number of sites matching giving most reliable information, and family surprises both false and real. Looking forward to the updates. I'll make sure you are in my blog Reader.

Susanne said...

So good to see you! I'm looking forward to reading the book you recommended. Thank you for that! :)

Niki said...

Very interesting!

jaraad said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.
1% North African
1% Middle East
That is interesting :)