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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Damascus -- Steps @ the Castle

So I was looking through my pictures from Krac des Chevaliers and noticed a theme. I have lots of steps pictures! Here are some of them.

Andrew in the courtyard

Susanne headed inside

Samer, Andrew & Abu Muhammad wave

I loved all these levels where we could see the ruins and surrounding area. Here is Samer on one side while I am photographing him from another.

I greatly enjoyed walking along the edge of the wall. The greenery and small flowers add to the charm.

The gang

No guardrails on these stairs! It's all natural!

I loved looking down on these views

We went up these stairs and looked over the countryside

Pictures from Homs, Syria
February 8, 2009


Carmen said...

Hi Susanne! I just love the views from the top. James and I watch lots of historical epic movies. They're some of our favorites and so I chuckled when you mentioned the the stairs with no railing.

I immediately thought, well that's so that when they're the castle is invaded and their sword fighting on the steps they could push the enemy off. How morbid am I?

Anyhow, it's crazy to think of it as a bustling place of activity back in the day. It'd be neat to time travel back and be an invisible observer.

James said...

These are so amazing... and yeah, I am pretty much Jealous. The closest thing to a castle that I have seen is... well... your pictures!

thank you for sharing!

carmen's james

Carmen said...

Oh my gosh that should say THEIR and not they're. I am so embarassed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us travel through you. I really appreciate the time you're giving.

I wonder what folks will be walking around on hundreds of years from now.

Nocturnal Queen said...

Great pictures! I love old ruins.