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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye ... I have an announcement to make!

So last evening, May 3, 2011 

Zach holding his daddy's finger

I got a new nephew to go along with the adorable one I already have, Michael!
Zachary Alexander  

about 45 minutes after Zach was born

Welcome to our hearts, little buddy!

Zachary means "the Lord remembers"  source


Amber said...


Congrats to the family! He's adorable!

Unknown said...


He's so cute! How wonderful for you!

Lat said...

Congrats Susanne! hope his mummy is fine and healthy :) Is there some confinement thing after delivery in your culture? We do.Just thought of it.

Btw how is he your nephew? if you don't mind me asking.

Susanne said...

Amber, thank you! :)

Sanil, thanks! :D

Lat, thanks much! Yes,Megan seems to be fine. No set confinement period really, but moms often do take it a bit easier for a while. :)

Zach's dad is my youngest sibling. I think you saw his picture on Facebook? He's the one I called David or Berkie (pet name..hehehe). :)

Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope said...

Awww congratulations! MashAllah he looks sooooo cute.

Qusay said...

Congrats :)

Susanne said...


Thank you, Qusay!